Coolest Pooh Bear Birthday Cake

I bought the sitting Pooh Hunny pot pan from Ebay, another one listed as hard to find and thought it would complement Tigger. This one was made for a friend’s daughter when she turned 5. Though not her actual cake, it was a welcome addition on the table and something she had asked for nonetheless.

The cake itself was 2 golden butter cake mixes, made to packet instructions. Icing is Solite, which is a butter cream substitute that colors accurately, given it’s pure white mixture. Solite icing is made using 250g (1 cup) solite, 500g pure icing sugar, 2tbs milk. Beat all together in a bowl until smooth and creamy and a thick consistency. I divided the mixture into the appropriate portions and colored them to suit before piping with a #16 star tip and outlining with a #3 plain tip.

This cake is time consuming and best made the day/night before it’s needed.

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