Cool Homemade Baby Shower Cake Idea

Homemade Baby Shower Cake Idea

I volunteered to make my sister in law a Baby Shower Cake. It was my first experience making a cake for someone other than my children. I took the challenge to heart and looked at many a Baby Shower Cake Idea online, used a few ideas from others to come up with this one. It … Read more

Coolest Princess Castle Cake Design

Homemade Princess Castle Cake Design

A friend asked me to make her daughter a Princess Castle Cake Design. I lucked out when I saw that Wilton has a castle making kit. I really didn’t stray and make my own design, instead I made it just like the picture on the box. The color combinations looked so pretty. For the cake … Read more

Coolest Princess Cake Design

Homemade Princess Cake Design

I made this Princess Cake Design for a friend’s daughter who was having a princess birthday party. It’s a 3-tier cake, each cake is 4 layers high, pan size 10in, 8in, 6in. Inside it’s just your basic chocolate and vanilla cake with buttercream icing. To cover the cake and for the decorations I used homemade … Read more

Coolest Twilight Team Jacob Cake

Homemade Twilight Team Jacob Cake

My daughter was the envy of her friends this year because her 10th birthday fell on the midnight release for Eclipse, the third movie of the Twilight series. She, like many of her friends is totally “Team Jacob”. So we did a werewolf themed party. I had a hard time finding a “Team Jacob” cake … Read more