Coolest Princess Castle Cake Design

A friend asked me to make her daughter a Princess Castle Cake Design. I lucked out when I saw that Wilton has a castle making kit. I really didn’t stray and make my own design, instead I made it just like the picture on the box. The color combinations looked so pretty.

For the cake I used the 10in pan and a 6in pan. Each layer is 3 layers high. I made an almond white chocolate cake on the bottom and a chocolate fudge for the top. The cakes are covered in homemade marshmallow fondant (I love that stuff!) The flowers are also made with MM fondant. I piped the leaves with green royal icing and covered the doorways and windows with purple royal icing.

Turrets were covered in purple royal icing then rolled in purple glitter and sprinkles. I stopped by the Disney store and bought some princess figurines as a gift to the birthday girl and set them up around the cake upon delivery. Should have gotten a picture of that! It was so cute. I also picked up some sparkler candles for them.

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