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Coolest Twilight Team Jacob Cake

My daughter was the envy of her friends this year because her 10th birthday fell on the midnight release for Eclipse, the third movie of the Twilight series. She, like many of her friends is totally “Team Jacob”. So we did a werewolf themed party. I had a hard time finding a “Team Jacob” cake for inspiration, plenty of Edward and Twilight, not so much Jacob Black. So Chloe picked the colors and I did my best.

For the Twilight Team Jacob Cake, I layered red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Each layer consists of 3 layers of cake. Pan sizes used were 10,8,6 in. The cakes were covered in and decorated with marshmallow fondant. For the top I photoshopped my daughter’s face into a picture with Jacob and let her draw around the frame. I secured the picture with lollipop sticks.

After cake and presents we headed out for the midnight movie!

12 thoughts on “Coolest Twilight Team Jacob Cake”

  1. What an adorable idea, my granddaughter is 10 and would love a cake like this as most little 10 year olds with the love of the Twilight series. Beautiful job.

  2. That is the best cake I would like to have this cake for my 19th birthday this year and I loved the twilight saga movies that I have seen so far I can’t wait to see the next movie.

  3. i want my aunt Michelle to make this cake she is goood at making cakes
    like that so im ganna have her do it lol

  4. Thanks for all your comments..the easiest way to put a picture of yourself into a photo is to use “faceinahole.com” I used Photoshop for this but, faceinahole is much much easier! check out more of my cakes or contact me on kandicescakes.blogspot.com


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