Coolest Homemade Rainbow Zebra Peace Cake

Coolest Homemade Rainbow Zebra Peace Cake

I did this cake for my niece’s 10th birthday. She lives 750 miles away from me so when my parents were visiting me, they drove the cake down for the party. I made it 15 days before the party so my sister froze it until the day of the party. I made a 1/2 sheet … Read more

Coolest Avatar Birthday Cake

Homemade Avatar Birthday Cake

I did this Avatar Birthday Cake for my niece’s 15th birthday. I looked all over the internet for pictures of the Avatar movie and found one that I printed out, resized, and then printed again. Then I cut it out and set it on the buttercream-iced cake. (The cake was a 1/2 sheet made from … Read more

Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter loves Nemo so for her 2nd birthday, I decided to make a Nemo Birthday Cake Idea for her. I bought two cake mixes and made them in a 1/2 sheet cake pan. Then I iced it with blue buttercream icing. I found a coloring page on the internet and enlarged and cut it … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake

Homemade Toy Story Birthday Cake

This Toy Story Birthday Cake is a 1/2 sheet cake made with two store-bought cake mixes and iced with buttercream (all the brown icing you see is chocolate buttercream). I found a coloring page on the internet with Woody on it and enlarged it and cut it out. Then I just traced around it with … Read more

Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

Homemade Volcano Birthday Cake

This Volcano Birthday Cake was a pretty easy cake to do. My daughter loves the episode of Backyardigans with the Volcano Sisters so I decided to do a Backyardigans Luau-themed party. I used store-bought cake mixes and made one mix in a 10″ round pan and another mix in a Wilton Wonder Mold pan that … Read more