Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake

This Toy Story Birthday Cake is a 1/2 sheet cake made with two store-bought cake mixes and iced with buttercream (all the brown icing you see is chocolate buttercream). I found a coloring page on the internet with Woody on it and enlarged it and cut it out. Then I just traced around it with a toothpick and freehanded the features.

I filled in everything but the hair with stars and then used the star tip to make Woody’s hair. To make the lashes around the brim of the hat, I just used a tip 3 writing tip. Then around the sides of the cake (which are probably hard to see from the picture) I used the smooth side of a basket weave tip and piped a fence all around the cake. Then I added some tufts of grass at the foot of each fence post.

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