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Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

This Volcano Birthday Cake was a pretty easy cake to do. My daughter loves the episode of Backyardigans with the Volcano Sisters so I decided to do a Backyardigans Luau-themed party. I used store-bought cake mixes and made one mix in a 10″ round pan and another mix in a Wilton Wonder Mold pan that I use for doll cakes.

Then I just put the Wonder Mold cake on top of the round cake, joined with icing. Then I iced the whole cake in chocolate buttercream. I used a little extra icing and made grooves and overhangs in the volcano and then put rocks on those cliffs. The rocks are just chocolate almond bark that I smashed up. Then I used a red icing that was thinned to create the lava. I made it go down the sides of the volcano into the grooves I made, and then down onto the cake board into the writing. That way it looks like the lava created the writing.

Then I sprinkled some red sugar in the lava. On the board, I used brown sugar for the sand, and blue icing for the water so that it looks like the volcano is on an island. Then I just put the Backyardigans characters that I had bought on the board on the beach. When we put the candles in the cake, we put them all coming out of the volcano so that the volcano was on fire.

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