Coolest 1st Birthday Circus Train Cake

I have made creative cakes for both of my boys, ages 5 and 2, each year for their birthday, but I think this circus train cake is most special to me because it was the very first cake I had ever created and I wanted it to be perfect for my first son’s first birthday!  … Read more

Coolest Dora Map Cake

Homemade Dora Map Cake

My son was really into Dora, so I wanted to make a Dora-themed cake that wasn’t too “girly” for his 3rd birthday. Since he loves the whole Dora Map concept, I decided to try and make a homemade Dora map cake showing Dora and her friends how to get to Logan’s birthday party. I started … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin with Acorns Cake

Homemade Pumpkin with Acorns Cake

We were celebrating our son’s 1st birthday in October as part of my parents’ fall party complete with hayrides and pumpkin decorating for a bunch of our friends and family, so I wanted a cake with a fall theme. Our son picked up the nickname “Cheeks” shortly after he was born because of his chubby … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake

Homemade Tractor Cake

My son is obsessed with “mow mows” (aka tractors,) so I wanted to have a tractor-themed party for him, including the tractor cake. I was looking at his wooden toy tractor that his grandfather had made for him and thought, I could make a cake like that! So, I tried it and was thrilled with … Read more