Coolest Tractor Cake

My son is obsessed with “mow mows” (aka tractors,) so I wanted to have a tractor-themed party for him, including the tractor cake. I was looking at his wooden toy tractor that his grandfather had made for him and thought, I could make a cake like that! So, I tried it and was thrilled with the outcome!

For the actual tractor, I baked a chocolate cake split into two loaf pans. The trailer was a yellow cake mix all baked in one loaf pan. In order to keep the tractor and trailer up off the ground, my husband cut two pieces of plastic to support the cake and added legs that would be hidden by the wheels. I carved one of the chocolate loaves so that the other would fit down into it and also carved some space for the back wheels. The other, I carved to make it look like a seat and a space for where the pedals would be. The wheels are chocolate covered donuts (regular size for the two back tires and “mini” donuts for the front tires and the trailer tires.) I put two yellow M&Ms for the headlights and the top of an oreo cookie held in with a toothpick for the steering wheel. The farmer was just a little plastic farmer from one of my son’s toys. We used two spiral candles for the smokestacks, and one green spiral candle placed horizontally as the hitch between the tractor and the trailer. I carved out the middle of the trailer and added fresh strawberries for the load.

For little touches, I colored vanilla frosting and added red tail lights and a hazard triangle on the back of the tractor. With the leftover white frosting, I hand wrote “Happy 2nd Birthday Logan” on the top sides of the trailer and put accents on the tires and where the engine would be on the tractor.

And to finish things off, I crushed up some graham crackers and sprinkled around the tractor for dirt and placed some strawberries around the cake to make it look like a strawberry field (not shown in picture.)

I had so much fun creating it and it really didn’t take very long to do. It made my day when my son saw the cake and screamed “MOW MOW!!!” If he could tell what it was, then I knew I had accomplished what I wanted!

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