Coolest Dora Map Cake

My son was really into Dora, so I wanted to make a Dora-themed cake that wasn’t too “girly” for his 3rd birthday. Since he loves the whole Dora Map concept, I decided to try and make a homemade Dora map cake showing Dora and her friends how to get to Logan’s birthday party.

I started with baking an extra large sheet cake and frosted the top with green icing for the grass. For “crocodile lake,” I made a big jello jiggler and set 2 plastic crocodiles into the jiggler just as it was starting to harden. I then cut out a part of the cake so the jiggler would sit right down into the cake.

The volcano was just some cake mix baked in my glass Pyrex measuring cup and decorated with chocolate and red frosting. The presents, representing “Logan’s birthday party,” were 3 cake cubes I cut from a separate cake I baked and then decorated each one with different colors of frosting and bows. I then placed one candle in each present.

The trail is crushed graham crackers and the sides of the homemade Dora map cake are decorated with M&Ms, another one of my son’s favorites! For final touches, I added some plastic trees and a Dora and Swiper figurine, and drew the Map in the corner. My son loved the cake and knew exactly how Dora had to go in order to get to his birthday party. As long as my son was happy with it, I was happy with it, too!

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