Riding the Tube with Minions Figure Cake

Riding the Tube with Minions Figure Cake

I was asked to create a cake for a surfing fanatic that included a surfing figure, Minions figures and waves. After a bit of head scratching, and a little help from Youtube, I came up with my theory in my head. I realised that a little bit of engineering was required to create the waves. … Read more

Japanese Water Garden Display Cake

Japanese Water Garden Display Cake

I have a friend who owns a restaurant. He asked me to create a display cake to show off my skills and also to use as a display in the entrance to his restaurant. He wanted a fish themed cake (his specialty is seafood) that would link in with his restaurant. I decided to make … Read more

Coolest Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake

I was asked to create a Ninja Turtles birthday cake for a 1 year old boy. The characters are his favorite toys. As always, a little bit of head scratching took place whilst working on the idea of how to create the models. The base cake was a 10″ round chocolate sponge. I covered this … Read more

Coolest Dolly Birthday Cake

Homemade Dolly Birthday Cake

This Dolly Birthday Cake is very popular with younger girls. I bake 3 cakes in 8″ round tins and one in a pudding dish to make the curved top of the dress. Piled them up and gave a thin coat of either jam or buttercream to stick the dress to. I used a sheet of … Read more

Cute Homemade Electric Guitar Cake

Homemade Electric Guitar Cake

An Electric Guitar Cake fit for any aspiring rock-star! The base is Victoria sponge mix made in a 13″x9″ tin. I downloaded a guitar template from the net and sized it on a word document to fit my tin. It is easier to make separate templates for the body and neck, both can be cut … Read more