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Awesome Breakfast Cereal Gravity Cake

This is a cereal gravity cake I made for my son’s birthday.

It is a vanilla sponge cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting. It is covered in a chocolate bowl. The milk carton is suspended by a balloon straw and covered in vanilla fondant.

Cereal Gravity Cake Instructions

  • The cake itself was baked in one half of a ball cake pan.
  • Once the cake was cooled, I cut it in half and filled it with the cream cheese filling.
  • I gave it a crumb coat in the buttercream and placed it in the fridge to set.
  • The next step was to make the chocolate bowl.

How to Make the Chocolate Bowl

  • I used a metal bowl with a lip around the rim.
  • I cut a piece of parchment  paper in a large circle and covered the bowl with it.
  • I tucked the paper under the lip and applied my first coat of chocolate.
  • After the first coat had set up (I waited for a half an hour) I added a second thicker coat of chocolate.
  • I let this coat set and added one more layer just to make it more sturdy.
  • I carefully turned the bowl upside down in my hand and removed the metal bowl.
  • Then I was ready to glue in my straw and add my cake.

Assembling the Gravity Cake and Adding Finishing Touches

  • I added a small dollop of chocolate to the center of my chocolate bowl and glued the base of my balloon straw to it.
  • After it set up for a few minutes I added the straw.
  • Next I slid my cake down the straw and into the bowl.
  • Once it was all the way in, I iced the top of the cake.
  • Then, I added the frosted flake cereal, leaving a small gap around the straw for my  fondant.
  • Next, I placed a piece of fondant in the opening of my milk carton.
  • I poked the straw through it and then removed the milk carton off the straw so I could cover the straw in fondant.
  • I rolled out a piece of fondant in a snake shape and slowly pushed it down the straw.
  • Once I had the straw covered I pulled on it and shaped it to look like pouring milk.
  • I also added a few teardrop shaped pieces of fondant to the pouring milk and on the cereal.
  • Next I cut four triangles  from the fondant  and pulled and stretched them out.
  • I then placed them around the straw to give the illusion of splashes of milk.
  • Then I added the spoon and milk carton back to the cake.

I loved making this cake (or any cake… lol). My son loves cereal and could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. So, I thought this would be the perfect cake for him.