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Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake

Whenever I get to make a cake for someone, I go through the process of a lot of thinking before deciding what the final product should look like. This time it was different. I was making a cake for my dear own husband.

First of all, I am not a professional baker, but we can definitely try our hands on anything with our family as guinea pigs. Right? Lol!

So, this time, I made up my mind to make him his favorite food as a CAKE!  I was not sure how it would actually look upon completion.

I baked his favorite Butterscotch cake in a Pyrex bowl to get the shape of noodle bowl. When the cake came out of the oven my dear little brats came to me asking, “Are you baking for daddy’s birthday? It smells so good. Can we have it now?” :D  Finally, I pushed them out of my small kitchen, satisfying them with small muffins I had baked earlier.

That evening, I started covering the noodle bowl with homemade white fondant. It was a bit difficult to get the rim perfect.

I covered the top of the bowl with white buttercream and started to make the noodles. Since I don’t have a pasta machine to get the perfect noodle, I used a pizza cutter to thinly slice the buff colored fondant into strips. Wow! Even I was amazed to see how realistic it looked.

I wanted to add some fun to the cake by making it gravity-defying, so I made the chopsticks to form an “X” and tied that to a wooden dowel which went right into the middle of the cake. I covered that with noodles.

I was very sure about the ingredients that should go into that noodle bowl- shrimp, eggs, greens, lettuce, bean sprouts, peppers and mushrooms. I have seen my husband’s noodle bowl dozens of times and it always included those food items.

When I finished I was proud of myself. For the first time I felt like crying out for joy.

At midnight I woke my dear husband and when he saw the cake he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was so happy and he said that he had never seen such a cool cake in his entire life! Those words made my day. He sent the pictures to his family and friends and everyone was so happy with the cake.

So, here it is my friends …hope you like it too!

Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake
Shrimp and Mushrooms..
Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake

Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake

Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake
Bean Sprouts

Gravity Defying Thai Noodle Bowl Cake

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