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Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Following a video tutorial on “How to Cake It,“ I baked a white cake in a large Pyrex measuring bowl and covered it with a buttercream crumb coat.

I covered the cake with a tinted fondant to produce the bowl. I also covered the top with a thin layer of white fondant to provide a base for the cereal topping. *tip- make a little divot in the center of the cake to provide a place for the milk splash to be applied later

I shaped white gum paste into a ‘milk splash’ with several extra teardrop shaped splashes. *tip, a small funnel was perfect to hold the splash upright while it dried. Make sure to make a hole in the middle for the straw to fit through.

I tried and failed to make a gum paste spoon (it looked great but broke in half) so I resorted to using a cute plastic spoon. I had to use hot glue to get it to stick to the straw at the right angle. If I did this over again I would make a paper milk carton instead of the spoon.

I covered the [hard plastic] straw with white royal cookie icing in several layers. Really goop it in there and let it drip down naturally. *tip, put the straw over a bamboo skewer to keep it upright during this process.

When everything was dry, I placed the milk splash in the center then placed a bamboo skewer through the hole of the splash [make sure to trim the skewer to the correct size] and fit the straw/spoon over the skewer and into the splash use more royal icing to cover the straw and spoon.

Lastly, I applied white royal icing over the top of the cake and placed Lucky Charms cereal pieces over the top. I placed more gum paste milk splashes for more ‘splash.’ Sprinkle a few cereal pieces on the straw and around the base of the cake as well. For a final touch, I wrote happy birthday in ‘milk’ (royal icing) and added a milk splash on the base as well.

I made this for my 14 yo daughter and it was a big hit with her friends.

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake! Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

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