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Awesome Danganronpa Gamer Cake

This gamer cake is the one that started my new hobby of cake decorating. It is the cake that kept me awake for 2 weeks until I was happy with the design. It was inspired by the game/anime  Danganronpa. In the game, the bear of despair (Monokuma) kills the bunny of hope (Monomi) with Tetris blocks.

My niece just loves that game so I made it for her in cake for her 17th birthday. I will never forget the stars in her eyes when I unveiled it… the same stars as when she was 5 and made me feel like I was the best thing since slice bread. And the best part… it wasn’t that complicated to make.

Have a great day. :)


Steps for Making the Gamer Cake

Candy Melt Monomi (Bunny) Ears:

  • I used Wilton candy melts and a extra large coffee cup from Tim Hortons.
  • Cut the cup in 2 and poured melted candy into it and added 2 bamboo skewers per ears. Voila!

Candy Melt Monikuma (Bear) Faces:

  • Printed an image of Monokuma and traced it on parchment paper.
  • Then piped the design with candy melts.

Tetris Cake:

  • Baked a 9 x15 rectangular cake.
  • Covered it with black fondant.
  • Cut small squares of colored fondant to make the Tetris blocks.
  • Placed the pieces on the top of the cake and when happy with the design, glued them on with a little bit of water.


all the steps

Monomi (Bunny) Head:

  • I used the Wilton 3D ball pan and placed it on the Tetris board (it’s really heavy once you add the ears, so make sure to use supports).
  • I covered the head with buttercream and a star tip, and used a round #4 for the face details.
  • I added the ears and a bow made of florist paste.

Giant Tetris Pieces:

  • Make cubes of rice treats and cover them with fondant.
  • Use bamboo skewers to form the pieces.


all the steps

Hope you enjoy!