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Awesome Homemade Baby Blocks Cake with Teddy Bear

I made this Baby Blocks cake for my Godson’s Christening. I baked a large sheet cake of yellow cake from scratch and also a 13×9 sheet cake to cut up and use for the blocks. Once the cakes had cooled I cut the 13×9 into squares and then froze them both.

When it came to decorating them, I took them out of the freezer and first covered the large cake in a layer of butter cream icing and then put it back in the freezer. I then stacked 2 squares on top of each other and cut them to the dimensions I wanted. I then put a layer or strawberry jam in between the layers and then covered the whole block in butter cream icing and put them back in the freezer.

I then dyed the fondant icing (sugarpaste) 6 different pastel colours (blue, pink, lilac, green, yellow and apricot) and put aside. I then covered the large cake (from frozen) in a layer of ivory fondant. Then I covered each individual block in the coloured fondant. I then used the 6 colours and cut out the letters and allowed them to dry a little. In the meantime, using white tube icing, I iced around the faces of each block and then put a letter in each square. My Godson is named James so I wanted 5 boxes but you need 6 coloured fondants for the letters to avoid ending up with a blue letter on a blue box (for example).

While the blocks were drying a bit, I decorated around the cake with dolly-mixture sweets (candies). I was then ready to place the blocks on the cake. I cut wooden skewers and placed these in the large cake and then carefully placed the block on top. The teddy bear is also positioned to the cake using a wooden skewer (probably scarring him for life!).

Then as a final touch on the baby blocks cake, I added my Godson’s last name using candy alphabet letters and scattered a few more dolly-mixture sweets on the cake. The parents and family were very impressed with the baby blocks cake.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Baby Blocks Cake with Teddy Bear”

  1. How fantastic is your cake!! Thanks for the detailed description as I’m going to attempt this myself. I hope it turns out just as good as yours. If so I’ll post a picture on this website. You should feel proud, you did a great job!!!

  2. This cake is amazing – I’d love to use this cake idea! I’m having my twin girls christened, so I’ll need a way of incorporating both twins onto the cake – any ideas??

  3. hey this cake looks amazing! what icing did you use to the make blocks?i have been told to use sugar paste and add a thing hardens it. cut out the squares then stick to the cube sponge. is this a good way?
    hope you can help

  4. I cut out the sponge and stuck together with frosting. Then frosted outside and coveted each block with sugar paste as you would a normal cake. Then transferred to main cake and decorated in situ. I kept them on with a dowel, I used a wooden kebab skewer. Good luck.


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