I made this bunny birthday cake for my 8 year old bunny lover! This cake was fun and easy to make. My granddaughter wanted a bunny cake with 3 layers and that is what she’s getting. 

How I Made This Bunny Birthday Cake

  • I looked on the internet for bunny ideas. 
  • I’m not very good at painting details so I went with just little eyes that so I could add a dot with an edible marker. 
  • I had to offset the layers in order to get my bunnies on the cake.  They were a little bigger than I realized as I was making them. 
  • I went with a garden theme. 
  • It was a challenge to make heads of lettuce. They didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. 
  • The carrots, head of cauliflower and strawberries turned out very well. 
  • I used marshmallow fondant for my figures. 
  • I cheated on the flowers around the base. They are Wilton. 
  • I don’t write very well with icing, so lately I have been putting signs on the cake(s) and then I use them for their scrapbooks. 
  • The dirt is smashed Teddy Grahams. That was all I had. I would have preferred a darker dirt. 

I have made a lot of elaborate cakes for my grandchildren and this one is my husband’s favorite.  I’m sure my granddaughter will love and want to keep the bunnies forever!