Awesome Farm Animal Cake

This farm animal cake was made for my son’s birthday July 2, 2015.

The animals I made (cow, chicks/chicken, and pigs) took the longest to make. The pig pen is an idea a relative sent me. That and the actual cake were very simple to make. The bottom layer is 9 in cake. The top is a six in cake. I used Kit Kats to make the pig pen, then tied twine string around them. I molded all the animals out of fondant.

My son loved “helping” me make the animals. I attached all the animals to the cake with buttercream icing.

After we sang happy birthday the kids at the party started picking animals off the cake and eating them. It hurt a little to see a boy that took one bite of the cow and throw it in the trash because it was “too sweet”. That cow took me the longest out of the animals. The pigs were super easy.









Awesome Farm Animal Cake