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Awesome Hungry Shark Birthday Cake

This awesome Hungry Shark birthday cake was for my nephew and my sister has a passion for making the best birthday cakes out of our family. She puts us to shame when it comes to our kids birthday parties. But I believe this one “takes the cake” for the best one ever. Weeks of thinking of ideas and preparation was involved and late nights! The cake was made of basic vanilla cake mix, red and blue jelly, cream, sugar everything other than the palm tree was edible. For a beautician she didn’t do too bad!  Even down to using soft brown sugar as the sand castles on the beach. Our kids have a thing for bums and farting so we thought it would be funny to have a bare bummed swimmer in the sharks mouth.

When the kids arrived for the party and saw the cake there was screams, laughter and lots of talk about which bits they liked the best. But the best was yet to come when they were all handed not a plate, but a spoon – to dig in all for one and eat whatever they wanted. They thought it was hysterical being able to just eat the cake like this, especially because we are so particular these days about sharing food/drinks. It was just a great relaxed fun time for the kids and that’s what it is all about. I loved this cake and think that my sister deserves the prize for her amazing effort into the kids birthdays.

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