Had a family that really wanted to give their son his dream cake but like most of us really couldn’t afford anything more than a frozen typical cake from the local Walmart. Being a “self taught” cake hobbiest I was happy to give it my best shot.

Here are the results of this MVP basketball birthday cake. When they came to pick it up the boy was thrilled and the mother was in tears when I told her it was only $30.

Now — that being told – I sent them on their way when I heard the mother screaming in  the driveway. The father did not realize you could not put a tiered cake in a VERY slanted back seat at a 45 degree angle! YES, you all can imagine what happened. He went to jerk the cake up to correct his mistake…. The heavy topped cake shifted and out came the dowels!

I am not sure if I wanted to laugh or cry, cry for the boy, mother and work I had in the cake or laugh at the pure look of fear in the father’s eyes.

Luckily I was able to do a fast repair with new dowels and fondant and luckily the net was not a huge task to correct. The whole time the father was sitting there like a pup in trouble.

I know I am self taught and only do cakes for fun – but I am happy I am able to create cakes that families normally would not be able to afford and they seem to enjoy them as I hope you do.