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Coolest NY Knicks Basketball Cake

I was asked to make a basketball themed cake for a boy turning 9, who is a huge NY Knicks fan! It was kind of last minute, so I thought, “OK, I will make a basketball court.”  My cake was chocolate fudge flavor with butter cream icing. I made marshmallow fondant (easy to make, less expensive than pre-made, and tastes much better).  Three simple ingredients:  marshmallow, water, and confectioner’s sugar-  the kids love this fondant!  I covered my cake with the MMF, and proceeded to make the court.  I think it came out pretty cool, but I’m always nervous about how the cake will be received.

Day of the party:  The birthday boy was more than happy with his NY Knicks Cake, as were the guests attending the party. Making this cake took some time, making, coloring, kneeding the fondant, decorating the cake, but the smile on the birthday boy’s face made it so worth it! and from what I hear, it tasted good too.

Coolest NY Knicks Basketball Cake

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