Awesome Yoda Cake

Well, last year for my boyfriend’s birthday I made him a simple R2D2 cake (2D and no fondant). After a year of practicing cakes I knew I had to up my last one. When we first started dating we played a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic online together so Star Wars is just a part of our relationship and he just loves Yoda so this cake made perfect sense! Even after searching how-to directions and tutorials for at least a month or two not much could prepare me for making this cake. It ended up being a four layer Guinness cake with Jameson butter cream (did I mention he’s Irish lol?).

I wasn’t going to risk making the head out of cake because I’m almost positive that it would have turned into a crumbly mess so I molded a big ball of rice Krispie treat to make it look like his head, also did this for the arms. Note: To anyone who will attempt to make a cake like this don’t do this step the night before! Also don’t wait till the night before to make the ears, if I wasn’t busy I would have definitely had a lot more prepared going into this.

I baked the cakes and made the rice Krispie the night before and the next day I woke up early to make the fondant and put it all together. I had to make an extra trip to the cake supplies store the next morning because I forgot how heavy fondant was and the arms were not holding up so I bought the plastic rods you would put to support a tiered cake and cut them just enough to be at arm height for support. I also tried the make the cane out of rice krispie, another fail, and ended up just covering another plastic rod with fondant.

For the face I must give credit where credit is due, I used directions from the internet. I used a toothpick for most of the fine details. The rest of the cake was covered in fondant, a brown piece for his clothes and plain white strip for the coat. The ears were also fondant and supported by a wooden rod I “glued” to the back using another small piece of fondant. I cannot even begin to cover the slight panic attacks I had every time something seamed to go wrong knowing I was on a time crunch (started after my GRE at 10 the night before and had to be done before 3pm the next day because we had tickets to a baseball game) but it was all worth it to see him speechless when he walked into the room and saw this little guy staring back at him. Let’s just say it took him about a day to come to terms with the fact that he will need to take it apart to be able to eat it.