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Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cakes

Take a look at these cool homemade Barney the Dinosaur cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Barney the Dinosaur Cakes

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Cake by Carey D., Vancouver, Canada

Coolest Barney the Dinosaur Cakes and Barney Cake Designs

My daughter’s favorite show is Barney so I thought that I would try and make a Barney the dinosaur cake. I used a white cake mix and cut out a Barney picture from a coloring book and traced the outline of Barney.

I used store bought buttercream icing as I had no tie to try and make from scratch. I used a star tip to decorate Barney as it is a lot easier when you are using more then one color. My daughter was so happy with the cake and I got lots of compliments.

Cake by Jodie R., Tucson, AZ

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

This Barney cake was for a friend’s daughter who had her birthday right around Easter. Barney was drawn freehand with a toothpick and then outlined in a dark purple/maroon.

Barney and the sun are filled in with a star tip (similar to Wilton technique). I had a problem with the cake crumbing in the first layer of icing so I added the sprinkles to hide it. If your purple is too blue try adding red.

Cake by Tracy Y., Wellington, New Zealand

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

I used a picture of Barney the dinosaur from a coloring page off the internet. I enlarged it to A3 size. I cut the shape out onto cardboard and then used tracing paper to trace the inside lines of Barney.

I cut the shape of the cake using the cardboard. I then lightly iced a coat over cake and cut the traced lines onto cake. I piped the out line of Barney and any other lines that need to stand out.

I filled in the rest by star tipping. The hardest part of all with this cake was mixing the colors to achieve Barney the dinosaur look. I ended up using 5 different colors; blue purple red rose and crimson.

Cake by Jay P., South Africa

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

Firstly, I don’t bake! I order a half “plaatkoek” from our local supermarket and request that they don’t put any icing on. Then – I spend some time on the internet or coloring-in books looking for pictures.

Once I’ve found something to work with, I print and enlarge to an A3. I then cut out the picture and place it on the cake, holding it with pins. I cut around the edges so that you have the basic outline.

I then spread a thin layer of butter icing over the whole surface (for each cake I use a 500g brick margarine and about 1kg icing and a lot of different food colorings). Use a toothpick to make “pencil lines” for your insides. I fill in between the lines first and then do the outlines.

Cake by Antoinette N., Paarl, Cape Town, South Africa

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

My aunt makes all the kids birthday cakes.

My son turned 3 and the theme was Barney and the number 3. It is a plain sponge cake. As you’ll see there are 3 of almost everything. First the cake is covered with jelly/jam. This makes the coconut stick and keeps the cake fresher for longer by sealing it. The sky is blue-colored coconut, the grass is green-colored coconut, the ground is brown sugar.

Cake by Tracey G., North Vancouver, Canada

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

This barney the dinosaur cake is made of a store-bought mixture. Barney’s nose is made from a Pyrex bowl and the rest from rectangle pans. It’s just a matter of cutting the shapes according and a lot of purple icing. What a hit!!

Cake by Shivani S., Auckland, New Zealand

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

This was a chocolate Barney cake with layers of fresh whipped cream. I enlarged the Barney the Dinosaur picture on the computer and traced it on to the cake with a knife.

I then filled in the coloured icing using a star tip. The balloons, hat, eyes, and mouth are made with fondant.

Cake by Sylvana C., Malta

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

I baked this Barney the Dinosaur cake in 5 litre bowls. Two were put together to form the Barney the Dinosaur body and the other was sculpted for Barney’s head.

Hands, feet and tail are made out of sugar paste. My son Sean was puzzled when he saw it ready; he kept looking at Barney on TV and then at his Barney cake. I did it for his 1st birthday.

Cake by Farzana J., Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Barney the Dinosaur Cake Picture

For my son’s birthday, I wanted to make him a Barney the Dinosaur cake (the only thing he watched on TV was Barney the Dinosaur!). The only problem was that Barney the Dinosaur is not “cool” anymore (I don’t know why) so it was really hard to get a Barney pan much less decorating instructions.

I rented the Barney pan at a bulk food store and then bought all the Barney colours to decorate. They didn’t have the exact purple, so I got Wilton ‘s violet and just used a ton of it!

I piped the border in black, used stars to fill in the purple and then did his middle, the light yellow background and finally the toes. After all was done Barney the dinosaur came out looking a little bluish/purple, but hey, everyone knew he was homemade! Good Luck!