Beer in a Wooden Bucket Cake

Everything included in this wooden bucket cake is edible except for the tackle and the beer bottle labels. The beer bottles require some time to make so plan ahead if you want to make this cake.

How I Made This Wooden Bucket Cake

  • I started with a 9″ round cake.
  • I cut the “wood planks” out of a fondant gum paste mixture. They were about 6″ tall to stand taller then the cake.
  • I used a pairing knife as well as a roller tool to crest lines of wood grain.
  • Using a paint brush and gel food coloring thinned with alcohol, I painted on layers of brown.
  • In between each layer I would take a damp paper towel and wipe of the excess to create the wood grain.
  • The bottles are made out of sugar. I created a mold with a mold builder that I painted over an actual beer bottle.
  • It takes a lot of layers and each layer needs to dry, so plan on doing this a week or so in advance.
  • The beer bottle labels are real labels that I peeled off of Bud Light bottles.
  • The ice is made of isomalt that’s been poured onto crinkled up foil to create the ice cubes.
  • The tackle is real tackle and is non edible.