Cool Homemade Beer Bottle Cake

I made this Beer Bottle Cake for our friend’s surprise birthday party. He’s quite the beer connoisseur so I made this cake using his favorite beer as the idea.

There are actually quite a lot of recipes that use beer in the cake mix, but I was short on time and couldn’t risk the cake tasting awful. I used a pudding cake recipe that was excellent – very moist (box cake that you modify a little to accommodate the pudding your adding to it). But I should’ve baked the cake at least a day or two in advance and froze it, since it was so moist it was falling apart as I was icing it.

I used 13×9 rectangle and 1 square cake pan (I had left overs for cupcakes too). The rectangle was for the bottom part of the bottle and the square I used for the spout part. Then I just shaped the cake accordingly. I covered in store box chocolate icing (already was the perfect shade to match the dark bottle) and made the labels from rice paper.

To make the labels, I soaked a real beer bottle in water over night then peeled off the labels. Then scanned the labels and ordered them on rice paper online. It was really easy and fast – got the labels in 2 days. This cake took me about 2 hours to make – and that’s including the cooking time!

I think I could’ve done better, had I had more time. But it was a small impromptu party that I wanted to make special. Everyone loved the cake and not a piece was left!

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