Coolest Beer Bottle Cake

This is my second sugar beer bottle cake. It was made for a coworker’s husband for his birthday. He and his friends visit a restaurant that serves blue buckets of beer on their deck during the summer.

I made the bottle mold from a beer bottle using Amazing Mold Putty. The beer bottles and ice on the cake are made from sugar and corn syrup. (tip – make them a couple days in advance and store in air-tight containers)

The bucket handle, bottle opener, cap, and note are fondant and gum paste. I made the handle, cap, and bottle opener almost a week in advance to make sure that they dried completely. I brushed them with silver luster dust for a metallic effect. The wood grain look on the handle was made by adding brown food coloring to the fondant but not mixing it in completely.

The bottle neck labels are printed on edible rice paper. The caps on the sugar beer bottles were painted with silver luster dust and vodka. Vodka dries quickly and doesn’t add a lot of moister to the sugar bottles.

The cake is 3 layers of 8″ round cakes carved to taper at the bottom. The cake board was painted with brown food coloring to make a wood grain pattern, then covered with Contact paper.

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  1. Ok, this one is even better! I gotta get your recipe on the amounts of sugar and corn syrup and where to buy that putty mold. Good job!

  2. Thanks, Kerry!

    This one was easier than the first. Practice makes perfect . . . I’ve got a few more to make and can’t wait to see how those turn out.

  3. I am trying to make a similar cake and can’t figure out how to make the ice. What recipe did you follow?


  4. The creativity and artistic talent shown with this cake is amazing. I was hoping that you might be able to send me the amounts that you used for the corn syrup and sugar to make the ice. I have been searching till I am blue in the face and still have not found one. I need to make a cake pretty much like this one or a friend’s boyfriend’s surprise birthday.

  5. This cake is amazing! I have just started making cakes and I would love to know how to make the ice and beer bottles in this cake? can anyone tell me??

  6. Arrin,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    The bottles and ice are made from equal parts corn syrup and sugar. I used 1/3 cup of each, mixed them well, then cooked the mixture in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes (microwaves vary). The syrup mixture will start to turn light amber and will boil. Let it sit for 30 seconds and it will continue to cook and darken in color.

    Same recipe for the ice – just take it out of the microwave before it turns yellow. No one wants yellow ice. :o)


  7. The ice is equal parts corn syrup and sugar. Cook in the microwave until it boils. Pour the hot mixture onto a jelly roll that has been covered with foil and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Sprinkle more confectioner’s sugar over the surface of the “ice” and allow it to cool completely. Break it into pieces and store it in an air-tight container. The confectioner’s sugar will keep the ice from getting sticking to your hands while you decorate the cake.

    Good luck!


  8. Could you please send me directions on how to make the bottle mold from The Amazing Putty.
    I want to make a wine bottle for a physician I work with.

  9. The bottles in my cake are only the upper half of a bottle. I insert them into the cake about 1/2 an inch to hide the fact that they aren’t complete bottles, and to keep them from falling off the cake.

    To make the mold, I purchased a product called “Amazing Mold Putty.” They have a web site:( that shows how to use the putty and where it can be purchased. The putty kit includes two different types of putty – one white and one yellow. Follow the directions on the package and mix equal amounts of each putty together. You then have about a minute to mold the putty over the bottle. I start at the top of the bottle and cover the cap well. I then work my way down the bottle until the upper half of the bottle is covered. The putty should be about 1/8″ thick. Leave the putty on the bottle for at least half an hour, then carefully roll the mold off the bottle. You’ll have a 3-dimesional mold of the upper half of the bottle.

  10. Thank You so much!! for the instructions this cake it is amazing, I love it, I just have a ???? when you take off the mold the sugar doesn’t break?

    How thick do you make the bottle (sugar)?

  11. Hi Jan! This cake is amazing, I made the bottles using the molding putty but when I was going to take them off the mold tore, I try to be careful but both them tore, the sugar bottle was perfect but the mold, is it normal or you have any advice so I can reuse my mold.

    Thank You so much I hope you can help me

  12. This cake is very cool. I was wondering if you put anything on the mold — like you put on the pan for the ice cubes — to make it easier to remove the sugar bottle from inside the mold?

  13. The bottles are about 1/8″ thick. Once the sugar has cooled completely it’s hard – just like a lollipop or a candy cane. But just like a lollipop or a candy cane, they can break.

    I wrap bottle in parchment paper and store them in a Rubbermaid container until I’m ready to apply the labels and “paint” the caps. I let them dry then wrap them again and store them again until I’m ready to place them on the cake.

  14. I love the sugar beer bottles can u tell me where you can by a mold already done. I found one place for 30-40 bucks and it was the whole bottle.

  15. could u tell me when making the sugar bottles how do you make a dark bottle. I have to make a miller light bottle so i want it to be a darker bottle. Please help!

  16. I know I just sent you a message but can you send me the directions to make the sugar bottles. I saw what you have already answered to but I want to make sure I have all the directions. I have been searching for these directions for a couple hours and I am tired and my eyes hurt. What do you do ounces you have cooked it in the microwave? Do you pour it in the mold? Do you put in the refrig to get cold? Will u please help me understand step by step! I have to make a miller bottle for a friend.

  17. I’m leaving for a business trip today and won’t be back for a week – so I hope this answers everyone’s questions:

    Frankyola – I ripped a couple molds myself when I first started out. It’s just a matter of making the mold thin enough to be flexible, yet thick enough to hold it’s shape. The key is to make sure that the mold and the sugar are both cooled completely.

    Becky – I put powdered sugar on the pan to make the ice to keep the sugar mixture from sticking to the pan or foil. The mold is silicone – the sugar should not stick if it’s cooled completely.

    Autumn – Don’t put the sugar mixture in the refrigerator after you cook it. It will harden and you’ll never get it out of the cup.

    The sugar turns dark amber when you cook it in the microwave. Allow it to cool for 30 seconds, and it will continue to cook and darken. Then you can pour it in the mold.

    The molds that you found for $40 are the only pre-made molds that I’ve seen. I make my molds (see above).

    For more directions – go to, and look in the “discussion forums” area, then select “Life Celebrations. Type Sugar Beer Bottles” in the search area, and you should find tons of directions. That’s how I learned to make these.

    I hope this helps. If not – I’ll be back in a week.

  18. I saw this picture, and thinking it was the model you used to make the cake, scrolled down to see the real result you accomplished, wow, i am officially impressed! awesome job!

  19. I know you have been asked zillion of times …but I am missing something….please send me step by step instructions on how to make these beer bottles I would greatly appreciate it…Thanks so much…


  20. Your cake is awesome. I’ve been reading your directions so I hope I didn’t miss this part but do you just make two half on the bottle and then put them together? Do you know of a website that will give me step by step directions to make it turn out right? Thanks.

  21. Wow! This is an awesome cake. It would make a great gift.It looks difficult to make but is worth it when u give it to anyone who likes beer. I know my husband would love that.

  22. Jami – I covered the upper half of the bottles with the molding putty to make a 3-dimensional mold of the upper half of the bottle. I tried attaching pictures to this, but this site won’t allow it.

    The sugar bottles are exact replicas of the upper half of the beer bottles, only the bottoms are missing. This allows me to stick the bottles into the top of the cake, because the bottoms of the bottles are open.

  23. Ilove your cake! I was wondering for the ice you only used corn syrup and sugar and that’s it no other ingredients? Thanks

  24. can you pls email me this cake recipe and how to do it…my son bday is coming up and I will love to make it for. of course that is not going to come out the


  25. The ice is equal parts sugar and corn syrup. Cook in the microwave until it boils (like making hard candy).

  26. Wow that’s great! You should sell these beer bottle molds on EBay or something. I actually looked on the web for a predone mold and had no luck any where. If you ever do decide to sell them please let me know and I will be one of the first to buy.


  27. I don’t understand how the halves are hollow. I thought they’d be solid? I bought the putty today but haven’t started on it yet. I’m just not understand how they are hollow?

  28. i was wondering if you can send me the recipes for the sugar beer bottles and where you got the molds at to make the bottles.

  29. can you please send me the recipe for this cake. I have a friend that is getting married and would love this for her future husband.

  30. Can you explain the molding process? did you use the puddy to mold 1/2 a bottle and then put them together? what was the recipe for the sugar mixture you made or poured into the molds?

  31. I have no problem sharing my instructions – but there just isn’t the space to print everything here. It’s a pretty involved process.

  32. How did you get the bottles to turn out that way? So thin and nice. Do you pour it in and move it around and then pour it out after it is all covered? Thanks

  33. Yes, Tina. The trick is to keep the hot sugar mixture moving inside the mold. It will build up as you roll it around.

    I only make these for friends and family, so I really can’t give you any advice on pricing.

  34. Congratulations on your talents! Hoping to do a message in a bottle cake. Thanks for sharing your techniques!

  35. I used to make cakes and I would charge out the wazoo for this. You charge for the amount of time you spend doing it. Even a small cake like this is impossible to find anywhere else so you’re looking at at least $100 depending upon where you live.

  36. Hi, I am so in awe of the fantastic job you did of this cake ! Its my little brother’s 21st birthday in a few months and I would LOVE to make this for him ! Would you mind please emailing me any tips/recipe’s you have regarding how to make this cake/bottles ? would be eternally grateful,

  37. my friend is turning 30 and i am always in charge of the cake.. this cake is PERFECT for her. can you post here the exact recipe for the beer bottles and ice? This is such an awesome cake!! I have never worked with sugar b4 so I’m kinda nervous..

  38. What a great cake… is there anyway you could send me the recipe for it all. I took cake classes but they never teach you the good stuff…. lol… again that’s a great job.

  39. I have been searching the web for any type of beer bottle cake I can find and yours (no pun intended) takes the cake. It looks so incredible! Applause to you for such an amazing talent!

    I see that a lot of people have requested your directions for this cake. While although I read the information you have posted, I’m assuming it isn’t enough for me to venture into making this cake. Would you also be able to send me the directions?! My fiance’s 30th birthday is coming up in October. I would love nothing more than to have this cake be at his party. The party is a surprise, but the cake will be even more of a surprise! HELP ME!

    Thanks and again, great job with this!

  40. Hobby Lobby carries this brand of putty. Great job on the cake! I am working on one similar to this, and working with sugar for the first time, thank GOD I found your page!

  41. I love the way you did this all and like everybody else I love to know your recipe to make the beer bottles and how you did the ice. Fathers Day is coming up soon and I’m getting done with the Mothers Day cake, all the sugar paste flowers I’m doing and I would love to learn how to do the beer bottles and ice.

  42. The directions for the ice an bottles are too involved to post here. I haven’t been on this site for a few months due to my crazy schedule at work. I’ll send directions to those that included their email addresses in a few weeks.

    Thanks again for all of the compliments.


  43. every time i look at the picture I just love it more and more, if you can send me the instructions on the beer bottle and ice that would be great.

  44. Hi,
    could you also please send directions to me ? I would really appreciate it ! your cake is
    amazing, haven’t seen anything like it before
    narajade1981(at) cheers, thanks

  45. if you get a chance could you email me the directions for this as well? My email is michellem81(at) thanks

  46. I would love it if I could get the recipe and directions for this cake. My husband’s 40th birthday is approaching and this cake would be perfect for our gathering. Also where would I find all the things needed to make the cake? If you will, please e-mail me.

  47. This is exactly what I was wanting to make, with your instructions maybe I will be able to recreate it! I hope with fingers crossed. Thanks. If possible could you email me the full instructions as well. Thanks. norma(at)

  48. My son is turning 21 in a week and having a beach party. This would be a great cake. could you please send me the directions, especially the bottle and ice decorations.

    Also how did you print the labels with the rice paper? Thanks sooo much. dflippin102(at)

  49. Hi i love your cake specially the bottles and the ice my husbands bday is coming up soon and would love to make some ice and bottles fpr the cake, if you can please email me the instruction on how to get them done will be great and i would thank you a million times.

    my email is mel_david30[at] again thank you and keep up the great job…

  50. I love your cake. It is so cool. My husband works for Budweiser and I would love to make a cake similar to this for his birthday. Could you please send me directions on how to make this cake and how to make the beer bottles. Thanks so much!

  51. I would love for you to please send me the directions on how to make this cake. It will be the perfect cake for my husband’s party.
    I am sorry if you are having to re-send the directions. I so would appreciate it if you could.

  52. This looks amazing! It looks like the bottles have condensation on them, is this right, or am I seeing things?
    I too have been wanting to make a cake similar to this for some time. My husband’s birthday is coming up and I would love to make him one. If you are sending out instructions on how to make the beer bottles and the ice, including how you made the molds, can you count me in!


  53. I would love your recipe and instructions on how to make this cake if you could send it my way that would be great, please. I would like to make it for our weekly family get together with my family, in-laws as well as my brother and sister-in law. We live in FL and bar-b-que every Tues. It would be a great dessert cake.

  54. I love what you did with this cake. The beer bottles are so life like. I would love to make this for my son’s 30th Birthday. If I could please get the directions I would be most grateful.

    Thank you,


    my email address is yme2xx[at]
    (thanks again)

  55. That’s a cool cake! please if you have time, send me the directions for this cake!

    thank you, thank you!!



    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. tmaresica[at]

  57. I have been looking for a cake to make for my sister and this would be perfect. I am new to making these types of cake, i was wondering if you could please email me instructions, I would really appreciate it!!!!!

    my email is alissacoursey[at] thank you so much again.

  58. I would love to know how to do this cake and the supplies to use, I have just started a cake decorating class and my son in law to be’s birthday is the 16th. He’ll be 21 so if you wouldn’t mind sending me it I would so appreciate. Also do you think that I will have enough time to do it in. Thanks.

  59. This cake is so AWESOME. My husband’s 40th birthday will be Aug 16 and I would love to know how to do this.

  60. I would love the recipe for the cake, my husband is turning 30 next month and I would love to make this for him and his friends!!!

  61. I realize you may not have been on here in awhile Jan, but if you or ANYONE on this site has the directions on how to make this cake can you please send.

  62. That is the most amazing cake that I have ever seen!!! You did a wonderful job and I’m sure the birthday person LOVED it! Keep making these wonderful cakes!!! You obviously have a GREAT talent!!!!!

  63. Hi Jan, I see your getting this request a lot, but if possible could you send me the directions as well. I’m having a 40th b-day party for my boyfriend and would love to make this cake.

    Thank you

  64. To make the beer bottles, you need to start by making a mold. I use “Amazing Molding Putty” that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen it at Michael’s too. Follow the instructions on the package to make a mold from a real beer bottle.

    Mix 1/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup corn syrup in a glass measuring cup. Microwave the mixture until it boils and turns an amber color.

    Allow the hot mixture to cool for at least a minute before pouring it into the beer bottle mold. Roll the mold around to coat the inside of the mold with the sugar mixture, and pour out the excess sugar mixture. Allow to cool for at least an hour before removing sugar beer bottle from the mold.

  65. To make the beer bottles, you need to start by making a mold. I use “Amazing Molding Putty” that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen it at Michael’s too. Follow the instructions on the package to make a mold from a real beer bottle.

    Mix 1/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup corn syrup in a glass measuring cup. Microwave the mixture until it boils and turns an amber color.

    Allow the hot mixture to cool for at least a minute before pouring it into the beer bottle mold. Roll the mold around to coat the inside of the mold with the sugar mixture, and pour out the excess sugar mixture. Allow to cool for at least an hour before removing sugar beer bottle from the mold.

  66. Hi there, this is amazing, I am interested in trying this for a cooworker. Mainly just how to make the beer bottles (do you boil the corn syrup and water at all?)


  67. This is a incredible cake! I would love to make this (or at least make an attempt) for my boyfriends 21st birthday. I would love if you could please send me the recipe.

    (I see that request has been made a lot)

    I would really appreciate it!!!

  68. The instructions for making the beer bottles are listed below. There isn’t any water involved – just sugar and corn syrup.

  69. I would like to know if I want to paint the sugar to do a green bottle when do I add the food color and what type should be.

    Thank you

  70. Yes, I’ve received lots of requests for the directions . . . and I keep printing as much as possible here. Sorry, but I can’t send directions if I don’t have your email address.

  71. This is such a great cake. if you can send me the instructions on the beer bottle and ice that would be great.

    Many Thanks


  73. Love, Love, Love your cake. One question, how did you unmold your bottles? I used this to make other molds but it tore when I was trying to unmold.


  74. Jan this cake is so incredible and the detail is great. I would love to have the instructions for this if you don’t mind. Thank you in advance.

  75. Your cake was awesome. Would love to have the instructions starting with bucket and all the way up to the beer bottles and labels> are the labels edible or sugar. Would appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon.

  76. Fantastic cake and like so many others l would greatly appreciate the instructions/recipes on how you did the bottles and ice. I live in New Zealand so could have difficulty getting the right ingredients e.g. mould putty. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am part way through doing the cake for Saturday but my fondant moulded bottles are not too good. Yours look very realistic! Many thanks.

  77. Wonderful cake. I have a question, I know you said the beer cap was made from fondant, But did you use a real beer cap for a pattern? When are you going to make another cake? Please send it to me when you do. Anxious to see what you’ll come up with next, very creative.

  78. Hello all . . . and thanks for the compliments. If you scroll down, you will see that many of your questions have already been answered.

    The to make the bottle cap that is sitting in front of the bucket, I made a mold from a real bottle cap. The mold was then filled with fondant and allowed to dry for a few hours – which made it easier to remove from the mold without distorting the shape of the fondant cap.

    I have step-by-step instructions, but the file is huge and can’t be uploaded here. AOL also has restrictions on the file size that can be sent via email. :o( I can only suggest going to Wilton’s web site and looking in their forum for celebration cakes. Enter beer bottle cakes and you will see directions entered by various cake makers.

  79. Love the cake and would love directions for cake, beer bottle and ice. Do you use a pound cake for density? Also, can you add coloring to the isomalt mixture for blue ice? Have you found anyone that sells beer molds? Thanks and have a great day!

  80. I’ve added green gel food coloring to make green bottles. I don’t use isomalt for the ice – it’s equal parts sugar and corn syrup.

    You can refrigerate the cake, but not when the sugar items are added. They will become wet and tacky.

    I don’t use pound cake for a firmer texture. I use regular cake mix and ADD the following to the REQUIRED ingredients: 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 cup sour cream, 1 extra egg, 1 tsp. vanilla. The cake mix rises higher and is more dense.

  81. Can you please add more directions. I am doing a similar cake and have been searching online on how to make something to look like ice then i came across you… Thanks for your help in advance and your cake is FABULOUS!

  82. Hi, The beer bucket cake is beautiful! Can you please elaborate on the instructions?

    Thanks! I can’t wait to make this cake!

  83. Hi,
    Can you please send me instructions too for this. It looks awesome..
    Thanks in advance…..

  84. Hello, just want to let you know that your cake is amazing!..can you please send me direction as i need to make a cake for my husband. Thank You so much!

  85. Hi How in the world do you make the bottles actually look like bottles. The receipe and instructions would be fantastic as its my partners 40 the at the end of the month.
    Great work!!!!
    Thanks for the details.

  86. That is amazing,It looks so real ..Can you please send me the instruction.I want to make it for my son-in -law

  87. I’m fairly new to the cake decorating stuff, but I have to say, Jan, that this cake is spectacular!!! I am making my first one, and have gone by your instructions, but am curious how you made the labels. I bought some rice paper, but am totally clueless where to begin.

  88. I bought a printer that takes food color cartridges (instead of ink). Look online – there are lots out there. You could also just print with ink as long as you don’t plan to eat the labels.

    I peeled a label off a beer bottle, scanned it, resized it, and practiced printing on plain paper until I liked the size. Then I just fed rice paper into the printer and printed the labels. Dampen the bottles slightly, and the labels stick right on.

  89. yeah, I know it may sounds funny but here in Australia we have a really hot weather now. I made just one bottle to test and it became sticky after awhile, not sure where to store, obviously not in the fridge. thanks for your help :)

  90. I had that happen with my first batch, too. You want to handle the bottles as little as possible once you’ve made them. I wrap mine in parchment paper (so they don’t stick to each other) and place them in quart sized Ziploc plastic bags. I place the bags inside of a Rubbermaid or Tupperware container until I need them. I usually don’t make them more than a couple days in advance.

  91. Jan, thank you very much, I think you are the only one who follow the comments :)
    I had a bit of problem making the bottles during such a humid weather. My first few bottles once I pulled them out from mold simple melted after awhile even thought I maintained the same proportion of sugar and corn syrup. The second batch came all right with air cond working on full ;)
    so far, I’ve done two bottles and store them as you’ve advised. Do you think that making the bottles thicker helps to keep them longer ?
    thank you again fro all your advises :)

  92. I see the beer bottles are make out of a sugar and corn syrup mixture. Do you think it is possible that I can have the receipt so I can try to make them

  93. Wow!!! I want to try it also, can you send me instructions on how to make the molder and recipe for the sugar bottle and ice..if you will, i will really appreciate it ….. Thanks!! …..

  94. I know this maybe odd, but how much would you charge to make an edible beer bottle and/or shot glasses? I really need it to give to the bakery that is baking a cake for a male friend’s 21st birthday. The bakery does not know how to make them so I am in desperate need to get it somehow.

  95. Could you please send recipe on beer bottles. I love to experiment and this is a yes for me. Hubbies birthday coming up and this suits him to a tee lol. Thankyou in advance

  96. These are not going to ship well. They are as fragile as real glass, and if they get too warm they will also be sticky. A shot glass might be easier to make since it would be thicker. Let me experiment. Where do you live? I’m in Michigan.

  97. Hi Jan,
    I scrolled down the numerous compliments and questions (by the way, wonderful cake) and could not find an answer to my question.
    I have silicone molds that make the whole bottle. There is a slit on the entire side of my mold and I “crack” it open to relase my bottle. If I understand, your mold doesn’t. Once your half bottle has cooled, how do you remove it from the mold? Are you able to roll your mold up or have you cut a slit in your mold? I’ve never tried mold putty but it might be worth it.

  98. Yes, I twist the mold a little to loosen it, and then carefully roll it off of the bottle. It will usually tear slightly, but most molds last through 2-3 bottles . . . then I have to make another mold. It’s a pain in the butt, but the results are worth it. Where did you find pre-made molds?

  99. hi this is really awesome. i love it. could you please send me the instructions. id like to try to make it for my fiances bday.

  100. Hi Jan, I am wanting to make this cake for my fathers birthday (he owns a bar). Would you please send me the instructions, I would appriciate it so much! Thanks :-)

  101. can you please share with me how you did your labels for the bottle I dont have a printer to do this and I was looking for a company that sell printed beer labels by the sheet and my brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Beverly

  102. This looks awesome and I would love to have the recipe and instructions for my son-in-laws graduation party. Thank you so much if you could do this for me.

  103. This looks awesome and I would love to have the recipe and instructions for my son-in-laws graduation party. Thank you so much if you could do this for me.

  104. Oh My gosh you are amazing. I live in Michigan also (Garden City) do you sell these cakes. I am legally blind and cannot decorate cakes anymore. Its my husbands birthday, and I would love to surprise him. I could have someone bring me to pick it up. Please let me know, Mindy 734-748-3282

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