Beloved GT Falcon 50th Birthday Cake

I made this 50th birthday cake for a friend. It all started 2 years ago when I made my husband a 1/3 scale replica of his Harley Davidson for his 50th birthday (that cake is also on this site)! It was then that my friend Steve said he wanted a cake of his beloved GT Falcon. So, 2 years later here it is!…

The cake was built on a raised base (I’m a woodworker too ;) )

A chocolate liqueur mud cake  was layered and sculptured into the body of the car.  It included lots of yummy ingredients – the diabetic coma kind of stuff.

Once the shape of the car was perfect, I ganached and smoothed it to set hard and give the fondant a great base.

The edible food colouring was sourced online and was a perfect match to the car – toxic green

Lots of kneading and sweating went into mixing the colour through white fondant till it was perfect and covered the cake.

Next, was the fun and hard part… adding all the details.  I grooved the door outlines, lights, bumpers, etc. with fondant tools. Then, I  hand-painted all the details on.. OMG…  ( I REALLY NEED AN AIRBRUSH!!!)

Next, I added the wheels and stuck them in place with sugar glue.

I pre-made the sign (with gum paste) and grooved and painted it to look like an old sign, and the cactus. One cacti was made to look a little rude on purpose (Sorry!)!

The hill behind the car is squashed up off-cuts of the cake, ganached and sprinkled with crushed Coco Pops and dusted with drinking chocolate to look like a western desert.

The board was ganached and then sprinkled with the same as above and the cactus were put into place with melted chocolate.

The board was edged with black and white ribbon to complete!  That was around 1:30am. EEK!!

Once at the party (western themed… Yee Haw), I had Steve close his eyes. I then led him to look at the cake and watched his facial expression as he opened his eyes.

He just stared in amazement and even got a little teary. I knew he loved it. I then proceeded to be squashed and kissed!!!

I had an absolute ball at the party!!!

I love making unusual cakes and thinking about how to build and create them.

PS. I am not a professional. This is my hobby.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Steves pride and joy

Nudie freshly carved cake


Fresh fondant embossed with details

Starting to paint in details

Top view including an arm and cowboy hat out the window

Inside the cake.. includig someones big finger prints lol...

Rear View

Steve crying as he is cutting it!!