This western cowboy cake was made for my grandson for his second birthday. He lives on a mini farm and loves all of the farm animals as well as horses. He loves to dress like a cowboy and wear his western boots and cowboy hat, so this just seemed like the best cake to make for him.

Steps for Making This Cowboy Cake

  • I started out with the bottom layer which was a yellow cake with peppermint buttercream icing.
  • I covered this layer with a red bandanna made from fondant.
  • The second tier was double layered with chocolate and yellow cake and made to represent cow skin since his daddy is in the rodeo.
  • This tier was covered in white fondant with black fondant spots.
  • My favorite layer was the blue jean layer. It had the same cake layers and was covered in blue fondant with belt loops.
  • It was then accented with a fondant belt and monogrammed buckle.
  • The hat was a little tricky for me, so I used a miniature hat as the form and covered it in brown fondant until it hardened.
  • I made lasso cupcakes to surround the cake and as you can see, the cake was enjoyed by all!