Coolest Car Cake

I started by making the car on the Homemade Car Cake. My son’s wife e mailed me some pictures of their car so I could make it out of icing.

I started with a small block of white icing and added some flower paste icing this helps the icing to harden. I kneaded this well and cut a piece off to use for the number plates, mirrors and wheels.

I made the basic shape of the car and slightly pressed the shape of the windows and lights into the icing. I cut out the wheel arches so I could fit the wheels on later. I pressed in the shape of the window wipers. I made two holes where the mirrors go to fix the mirrors later. This was then left a few days to set before painting.

While this was setting hard I made the spoiler out of flower paste icing. This needed to set hard before assembling to the car. I made two small number plates and two mirrors and then made four wheels pressing the shape of the alloy wheels into the icing. Left these a day to set hard.

I painted the car silver and colored the windows in. I painted the lights and mirrors and coloured the number plates orange. I painted the reg on when this was dry. I painted the spoiler silver and when dry I attached this to the car with a little royal icing.

The alloy wheels were painted silver and I coloured the tires black with a black powder. All these were then left aside to be assembled onto the cake when it has been iced.

I baked a 10 inch Madeira cake and when completely cool I split it in half and filled with jam and butter cream, then crumb coated the cake and left in fridge for about 1 hour to chill the butter cream.

I then rolled out some roll out icing and covered the cake. I then piped a pattern around the bottom and around the top edge of the cake in white icing, with a small amount of blue icing I piped over the icing on the top edge of the cake as decoration.

I placed an oblong piece of white icing the length of the car onto the cake where the car was going to sit. I then placed the body of the car on top of it, then attached the wheels with a bit of royal icing. I placed the mirrors into the holes I made earlier using a little royal icing the keep them in place and then I finally attached the number plates.

I piped iced a message on the top of the cake and attached a ribbon around the cake to finish it off. My son loves his car. He also loved the Homemade Car Cake I had made for him.

Homemade Car Cake

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