Cool Homemade Gerbil Birthday Cake

Coolest Gerbil Birthday Cake

The base is a square cake covered with chocolate icing. The gerbils are sugar mice (iced with different shades of chocolate and with chocolate tails).  The sawdust is biscuit crumb.  The house is chocolate cake made in a curved container then carved and covered in chocolate icing. The bowl and colored tube are made of moldable icing … Read more

Coolest Gerbil Birthday Cake

Homemade Gerbil Birthday Cake

My son is gerbil mad, and for his 10th birthday he thought he would challenge me by asking for a Homemade Gerbil Birthday Cake. I thought about it for a bit and then I got to work! I decided to make the gerbils out of icing. I used white icing and coloured it brown with … Read more

Coolest Gerbil Cake

Homemade Gerbil Cake

My children have 4 gerbils so we had to have a gerbil cake. The cake is a normal round chocolate cake, iced in purple and chocolate. The 4 gerbils are each made of a small chocolate sponge roll (unwrapped!). I used a knife to shape the gerbils’ bottoms and cut a further roll into pieces … Read more