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Coolest Gerbil Birthday Cake

My son is gerbil mad, and for his 10th birthday he thought he would challenge me by asking for a Homemade Gerbil Birthday Cake. I thought about it for a bit and then I got to work!

I decided to make the gerbils out of icing. I used white icing and coloured it brown with coco powder. I used a bit of white icing for the nose and black for the eyes. I made one large gerbil, one gerbil face, and one gerbil bottom. I scratched the icing with a knife to make it look more like fur. The cake is just a normal sponge cake, cooked in a square tin. I made one cake and then sliced it in half horizontally and sandwiched it back together with a bit of butter icing in between. I spooned out two shallow holes in the top layer and covered the whole cake in butter icing, then I stuck white chocolate fingers around the outside (I used 3 boxes!).

I grated a large bar of white chocolate and covered the top of the cake with this to make it look like the sawdust that the gerbils like to bury themselves in. I placed the whole gerbil on top, and positioned the gerbil head the gerbil bottom on the cake so it looked like they were coming out of a sawdust tunnel. I even scattered over a few chocolate sprinkles for gerbil poo!

My son LOVED it!

Homemade Gerbil Birthday Cake

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  1. Thank you for sharing this gerbil cake. My daughter has fallen in love with it and I shall be attempting to make it in a couple of weeks. It is superb – I only hope my version will be even half as good!


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