Coolest Lizard Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Lizard Birthday Cake Design

This is a Lizard Birthday Cake Design I made for my son’s 8th birthday. He had only two requests, that it be red velvet and a lizard theme. I think I accomplished my goal quite nicely. I used 2 9” red velvet rounds cut into halves and filled with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips … Read more

Coolest Lizard Birthday Cake

Homemade Lizard Birthday Cake

This Lizard Birthday Cake was made for my friend’s son’s 7th birthday. I got the idea from other cakes I found on this site. The lizard was sculpted from rice crispie treats. I did him a few days before and let him harden by placing him on an upside down cake pan. I then did … Read more

Great Homemade Lizard Birthday Cake

Homemade Lizard Birthday Cake

This is the Lizard cake I made for my son’s sixth birthday. Tip 1: Leave the cake uncovered in the fridge overnight before carving it into shape. Tip 2: Use a fine serrated knife to carve the cake. Tip 3: Use Trex or similar to cover your work surface, as well as your hands, before … Read more

Coolest Chameleon Cake

Homemade Chameleon Cake

Here is attempt #2 at a cool reptile birthday cake for my son. My other cake is the orange and white Burmese Python Cake on this website. He was having a special reptile party and he wanted a lizard this time so I thought a chameleon cake would be fun. There weren’t a lot of … Read more

Coolest Lizard Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

I took two digestive cookies, covered them with a thin layer of candy then painted one blue for water and the other I stuck rainbow round sprinkles onto for lizard “food”. I took a box and cut out the sides of it and then covered it with tin foil to make like a cage or … Read more