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Cool Homemade Lizard Birthday Cake Design

There are not many lizard cakes out there, so I gleaned what ideas I could from this site and came up with this Lizard Birthday Cake Design which impressed my special 5 year old. To make this cake I baked a ring shaped cake and cut it into a number of different sized bits which were then placed end to end to make the basic curves of the lizard. I used some off-cuts from a previous cake (never have to throw away cake- just freeze it) to fill it out around the tum and make the beginnings of the arms. I then covered the odd creature with butter icing.

I made a marshmallow fondant (wonderful stuff!) and mixed in varieties of green and yellow colouring in three batches. I rolled this out and pressed out tiny circles with a cookie cutter and layered these over the cake. I rolled the three batches of fondant together to make the mottled arms, claws and the tail.

It was such fun to make and the marshmallow sugar paste was so easy to do and to work with, and gave a really professional look.

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