Coolest Homemade Cinderella Cake for my Daughter

Homemade Cinderella Cake

My friend and I were inspired by a few Cinderella cakes on this site, and figured we give it a try for my daughter’s 4th Cinderella birthday party. We used the marshmallow fondant, which was very easy to make and very easy to work with. For the fondant we used a 160z. marshmallow bag and … Read more

Sweet Homemade Bright Blue Cinderella Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Cinderella Cake

This homemade Cinderella cake was my first attempt at using fondant. I used marshmellow fondant, made a few weeks in advance. I left the color white until it was time to make it. I found a large stainless steel mixing bowl. It took two boxes of cake mix. I baked at 350 degrees for approx … Read more

Coolest Cinderella Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake Design

I made this Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake Design for my best friend’s daughter Chloe on her third birthday party. I made two layers of cakes using a rectangle shaped tin, with butter cream icing in the middle of the layers. Then i used the butter cream icing for the coating, let it set, then use … Read more

Coolest Cinderella Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

My best friends daughter turned 3 and wanted a Cinderella cake for the big day. She couldn’t find one anywhere so I created this. I used Marshmallow Fondant for the roses and her dress and just plain icing for the rest. She loved the cake and so did everyone else.s daughter turned 3 and wanted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cakes 5

My oldest daughter was having a princess themed 5th birthday party and wanted Cinderella birthday cakes for the party. After hunting everywhere for a Cinderella doll (all the Barbie ones here have pink dresses on which is not the right colour’ says my daughter!) Finally I found this one on eBay and picked it up … Read more