Coolest Monsters Inc Cake for a 3-Year-Old Little Monster

Coolest Monsters Inc Cake

I’m Rasika, a hobby baker, and here’s my story behind this Monsters Inc cake. I moved to Canada from India during Halloween. My daughter was so excited and happy to see Halloween monsters and skeletons that she fell in love with little monsters. She didn’t want to leave her monster toy for a second.  That’s when I decided to make a Monsters … Read more

Adorable Homemade Monster Cakes

Monster Cakes

My monsters were turning 2 and 6 respectively and I call them the monsters because as every mum would know, raising boys can be beautiful and disastrous. However we love them no matter which one it is. So a combined party meant a theme that would suit both and what better than monsters. I wanted … Read more

Call Me Sulley Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

Call Me Sulley Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

My new supervisor at work  found out I make cakes. He wanted me to make a Sulley from Monsters Inc. birthday cake for his son. I did not know if I should attempt a fondant Sulley shaped cake or go with an easy, furry monster cake with buttercream. I decided to make a Sulley shaped head … Read more

Coolest Mike from Monsters Inc Cake

Coolest Mike from Monsters Inc Cake

I made this Mike from Monsters Inc. cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. He loves the Monsters University movie and Mike Wazowski is his favorite character. This is a gravity cake and I learned how to make it from online videos and Google. Just like any other gravity cake, I used metal rods for his legs. … Read more

Coolest Monster University Cake

Coolest Monster University Cake

This Monster University cake was fun to make. It was made for a 7 year old boy. He was so surprised when he saw it. He loved the movie Monster University. This cake was three tiers. Each layer was colored the same as the outside. So it was a white cake colored with food coloring gel. … Read more

Amazing Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

Amazing Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

My sister and I made this Monsters Inc. cake. I’m 14 and she’s 16. We just started a cake business last year because I’ve always loved to bake and she’s really artistic.  We got this order for a four year old’s birthday a couple months ago, the only problem was that our house was under construction … Read more

Coolest Sulley Cake

sulley cake

I made this Sulley cake for a friend at work. She made several subtle hints that’s she would like a Sulley cake for her birthday. So I started by searching the internet for a picture I liked and found this one which I copied. I started by drawing a template for the face shape. I … Read more

Coolest One Eyed Monster Inc Cake

Coolest One Eyed Monster Inc Cake

I baked an 8″ cake then when cooled covered it in vanilla butter icing then in fondant which I had colored green. Then I rolled a large ball of white fondant the size of a golf ball for the eye. I added some green fondant halfway over the eye as an eye lid and rolled … Read more

Not So Scary Monsters Inc Birthday Cake

Not So Scary Monsters Inc Birthday Cake

My grandson, Dylan, was Sully from Monsters Inc for his 1st Halloween and his mommy, my daughter, decided that that would be the theme of his 1st birthday party in January! She asked if I would be up to doing cookies, cupcakes and a smash cake for it! Well, of course I said YES especially … Read more

Scream-azing Monsters University Birthday Cake

Finished product front view

As soon as we knew that Monsters University was opening the weekend of my daughter’s 8th birthday, we knew we would be having a MU party at the theater.  Once that was decided, the next order of business was the cake!  We went through a few  ideas before we settled on a two tier cake … Read more

Cool Monsters Inc. Sulley Birthday Cake

Cool Monsters Inc. Sulley Birthday Cake

My fiance is obsessed with Monster’s Inc. to the point he had to borrow a friend’s child to go to the cinema to watch it in 3D because he thought he’d look at bit odd watching it on his own surrounded by families. For his 30th I surprised him with a Sulley birthday cake. It was red-velvet … Read more

Coolest Monsters Inc, Sully and Mike Cake 15

Mike And Sully!

My little boy’s dad laboured night after night over this cake…I made madeira sponge cake to size (one round, probably around 10″, two rectangular, ) and his dad decorated it with such painstaking care and attention to detail, even down to ‘fluffing up’ Sully’s fur with a fork. All hand coloured and painted with food … Read more

Coolest Monsters Inc. Cake

Homemade Monsters Inc. Cake

This Monsters Inc. Cake was made for my son’s 4th birthday. He’s a fan of the movie Monsters Inc. I checked on the internet and found this site for some ideas. I first made a sheet cake, half choc and half vanilla. Then with the Wilton ball pan I made another vanilla cake for Mikes … Read more

Coolest Mike and Sully Cake

Monsters Inc. - Mike and Sully in Buttercream

This is a homemade 1/2-sheet butter cake, covered in white “chocolate plastic” and decorated with meringue buttercream frosting. The design of Mike and Sully is adapted from the movie DVD cover. I made several practice crayon sketches on paper, then sketched in the basic shapes on the cake using an art paintbrush dipped in tinted … Read more

Cool Homemade Monsters Inc Birthday Cake

Homemade Monsters Inc Birthday Cake

This Monsters Inc Birthday Cake was a fun cake to make for my monster baby’s 1st birthday. It was all done freehand with a coloring page that I kept next to the cake and used as a guide. I made the background as Boo’s door. I used a Wilton #233 to do Sulley’s fur. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Mike From Monsters Inc Cake

Homemade Mike From Monsters Inc Cake

I made this Mike From Monsters Inc Cake (and a Sully one) for my Nephew’s birthday. I used the two part ball pan from Wilton with a 6″ round in between. I used fondant for the eye and horns. The arms and legs are green Twizzlers.

Cool Homemade Monster Cake

Monster Cake

I made a monster cake for my son’s 5th birthday last year. I made it with two store-bought cake mixes, and prepared the cake mixes as directed. I then poured the batter into an extra large cake pan (15 inch round?), and some into a regular 8 inch round pan. Once baked, I stacked the … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

I always make “theme” cakes for my sons birthday. This time I made a monster inc cake. It was a big hit and very easy to make. I usually use a boxed cake mix and use the cake as a canvas. For this cake I used monster inc. figures and made the door bed and … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

This Monsters Inc cake was made to look like Sulleys fur with a Wilton tip. Then since we had so many Monsters Inc characters already, I ordered these bobble-heads off eBay (a Kellogg’s promo), and put them on the cake.s fur with a Wilton tip. Then since we had so many Monsters Inc characters already, … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

My daughter loves the Disney movie Monsters Inc, so I wanted to have that for her theme for her 2nd birthday party. I first made a sheet cake and used the Wilton ball pan to make Mikes’ body. I frosted the cake with Wiltons buttercream icing. I put food coloring in to copy Sullys fur … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

When: I made this cake for my son Mishas 4th birthday, in March of 2002. He was a total Monster Inc. fanatic at the time. Source of the idea: My own. I didn’t know that there were so many birthday sites on the web and it never occurred to me to search for Monster Inc … Read more

Coolest Monsters Incorporated Birthday Cake

Homemade Monsters Incorporated Birthday Cake

This Monsters Incorporated cake was homemade for our daughter’s fourth birthday. The cake was covered in marshmallow fondant, as were the figures. Mike’s and Sully’s bodies were made out of cereal treats, then covered in fondant. I ground up coconut in my Vitamix to make Sully’s fur, then colored it with food coloring. I made … Read more

Coolest Monster Inc Cake Photos and How-To Tips 4

This Monster Inc cake was for a little girl named Sophia who lived two doors down from me. I came up with the idea to have “Mike” sitting on top of a blue “furry” cake that resembled Sullys spotted fur. First I baked a sheet cake. Then I tinted the white buttercream to the turquoise … Read more

Coolest Monsters Inc Cake

Homemade Monster Mike Cake

I wanted a 3D version of Mike from Monsters Inc. cake. The entire assembly took shape around the tall tier cake stand/cake plate/with 13.5″ column sold by Wilton. We have used this structure for SO many creations it has proved invaluable. The only tricky part is centering each layer and cutting the hole in the … Read more