Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Little Mermaid Birthday Cake for a friend of mine’s daughter’s birthday! She told me she wanted Ariel, and I went with it! I made all the sculptures out of mm fondant and the cake is covered in mm fondant as well, and then dusted with edible glitter dust. To shape the coral, … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

Little Mermaid Cake and Friends

My little niece loves all the characters from Little Mermaid so I made this Little Mermaid cake to incorporate all the characters that came in the Disney gift pack that I bought her for her birthday. I made a 8 by 12 cake and an 8 by 8 sandwich and layered and covered them in … Read more

Coolest Ariel Underwater Cake

Homemade Ariel Underwater Cake

My sister and I made this Ariel Underwater cake together for my niece’s 8th birthday. This was our first ever work with fondant. My sister used her own eggless homemade cake recipe and baked 2 cakes, one a rectangular and the other a square cake. We cut the square cake into half diagonally and placed … Read more

Coolest Mermaid Cake

Homemade Mermaid Cake

This Mermaid Cake was a birthday cake for a five year old girl who loves the Barbie Mermaid’s Tale. I just made a plain all-in-one sponge cake with jam and butter-cream in 10″ round tin and used a pudding basin for the rock. I covered the cakes in blue fondant icing to represent the sea, … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Cake Ideas 8

I saw something like this little mermaid cake on another website and thought it was too cute. I prepared two cake mixes and baked them in a bowl big enough to put the mermaid doll down in. I just decorated it to make it look like she was on a rock in the water adding … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cakes 2

This cake was made for a five year old birthday. I used the Barbie doll cake bowl pan and also a 9″ round underneath as her legs were too long. This is the Ariel doll from Disney found at a local toy store. I wrapped her in foil and put her hair up for the … Read more

Coolest Wilton Mickey Mouse Pan Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

I used Wilton’s Mickey Mouse cake pan to create this cake for my son Mason’s third birthday. To help get the white icing in the in between spots to go on better, I thinned it with a little water and warmed it slightly. I also used a baby spoon with cooking spray on it to … Read more