Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas 5

The idea came from the movie Cars. My son (3rd birthday) is crazy about this movie so I made him a cars birthday cake. I made a simple white cake mix and a lot of colors (same as the movie). I decorated everything in those colors and it was a great party.

Coolest Diego Rescue Pack Birthday Cake

Homemade Diego Rescue Pack Birthday Cake

First I prepared two cakes, one 13×9 and the other 10×4. I then took the larger cake out of the pan and rounded the top and bottom and cut out the handle on top. I then took the smaller cake out of the pan and cut it in half so it wouldn’t be so thick. … Read more

Coolest Diego Birthday Cake – Rescue Pack

Coolest Diego Birthday Cake Ideas and Photos

I made a box brand 9×13 Diego birthday cake. Once cake was completely cooled I cut the top corners of the cake. The top two corners were cut so I could make the rescue pack handle. I also cut the inside of the handle out which was a little difficult but would have worked better … Read more

Easy Homemade Dora Cake

Dora Cake

I made this head of Dora cake for my daughter’s third birthday. This cake was fairly easy to make. I made a butter cake in a rectangle baking tin. I made the actual cake two days before and iced it the night before the party. I cut out the shape of the head from a … Read more

Dora Cake

I cut out the characters from a separate cake. I printed pics from the internet and used wax paper to transfer the lines to my cake. I used the star tips for all of them.

Coolest Dora’s Backpack Cake

This was an easy way to make Dora’s backpack. I put parchment paper under a 9×13 yellow cake from a box, baked, cooled and pulled the cake out onto a cutting board using the paper. I made sure the cake was chilled before cutting it down to shape- It was easier to frost when cooled … Read more

Cool Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake With Fondant Toppers

Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

Hope you all enjoy the pictures of the Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake that I made from scratch including the marshmallow fondant covering for a lovely 2 year old girl. The cake is a yellow cake with pineapple and is filled and covered with chocolate ganache. I also made the marshmallow fondant at home … Read more

Coolest Princess Dora Cake

Homemade Princess Dora Cake

I used the normal Dora Wilton cake pan, but I transformed Dora into a Princess. I made another small cake, cut it into two triangles to make the dress nice and wide at the bottom. I used a Dora Princess party bag as my model for this Princess. The same Princess was on the invitations, … Read more