Coolest Snoopy Cake

Our family has a tradition of giving Snoopy & Peanuts Gang cards on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. So when my son turned 1, nothing could be more fitting than a Snoopy cake. I found and printed images of Snoopy & Woodstock from the internet. We took the images and had them enlarged at a photocopy center. We then cut out the Snoopy & Woodstock characters.

After baking the cake (2 box cakes) in a 13×9 inch pan. The cake was refrigerated overnight. The following day my mom & I iced it blue. We rolled out ready-made fondant for Snoopy (white fondant) and Woodstock (yellow fondant). We then placed the Snoopy & Woodstock paper copies over the fondant and used a sharp knife to trace and cut out the shapes. The Snoopy & Woodstock fondant characters were then placed directly on the cake. We used a strip of green ready-made fondant for the grass, and bought some edible glitter paste to dust on the green. The balloons are also made out of fondant with the glitter on the red and blue balloons.

The stars on the yellow balloon were sprinkles. The balloon strings were made from icing writers. The name and the “1” were also made from fondant. We traced the Snoopy & Woodstock characters with black icing.

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