Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

This Tinkerbell Birthday Cake was made for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I used a two-layer 9in cake and a two-layer 6in cake. I made the top like a tree stump. I made mushrooms out of gumdrops. The tops were whole ones and the bottoms were cut pieces.

Coolest Fairy Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Homemade Fairy Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Disney Fairies cake for her Tinkerbell-themed 6th birthday party, and since I always make her birthday cakes, I did as much research as I could to pull this one Homemade Fairy Tinkerbell Birthday Cake. I purchased the Disney Fairies cake toppers/stamp kit and looked up the decorating instructions online, making a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tinkerbell Cakes 3

The cake was a two-layer chocolate crazy cake’ baked from scratch with chocolate buttercream. All of the icing and decorations you can see are made from sugar paste (fondant). I covered the cake in pink sugar paste. The daisies were made with a daisy cutter and the centers were textured by pressing small balls of … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

Tinkerbell Cake

This Tinkerbell cake is a direct steal from this site as you can see. I just wanted to show how super easy it is! This was my very first attempt at making a “real” cake. I used a Wilton barbie dress mold for the cake, and stuck a $7.00 Tink in the middle, her legs … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Cake In Pixie Hollow

I made this Tinkerbell cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. We were in Disney only a month before her birthday and she was still obsessed with Tinkerbell and all her Pixie Hollow friends. The cake itself was boxed mix. It took 3 recipes to make all the layers. The bottom layer was made in a … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Cake

Here’s my first attempt at a Tinkerbell cake. I found this site invaluable for tips and advice – thank you! My daughter’s birthday is still a few months ago but thought I would try a practice run! I used a basic sponge cake recipe – two rounds and a glass bowl for the dome shaped. … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea

I used a 11 by 15 cake pan and cut into 11 by 11 cake for the bottom layer. The second layer I used was a 8 inch round cake pan and 6 inch for the top. All layers are double stacked with buttercream icing in the middle of each. I made my own buttercream … Read more

Coolest Silvermist (Tinkerbell) Cake

Homemade Silvermist (Tinkerbell) Cake

This Silvermist (Tinkerbell) Cake was made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I couldn’t decide between which cakes I wanted so I made two. This cake is purple on the inside and covered with perwinkle colored fondant. The flowers are made out of fondant. I used blue dyed piping gel for the water (Silvermist is the … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell with Fairy Friends Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell with Fairy Friends Cake

I made this Tinkerbell with Fairy Friends Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. She wanted Tinkerbell, Tinks house and her fairy friends on her cake. After scouring the many photos of Tinkerbell and cakes, I found a photo of a Tinkerbell House Birdfeeder that my daughter fell in love with, therefore my inspiration for … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Cake

I got this homemade Tinkerbell cake idea from the 2009 Wilton Year book. Instead of purchasing the expensive cake stand they suggest I had my father in law build it (at a total cost of $7 for some plywood, a 1-inch wooden dowel and about 30 minutes of time). The bottom of the stand is … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Mushroom Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Mushroom Cake

I was inspired by cake photos from other creative people on this site – thanks to all of you and to the site creators for an excellent ‘grass roots’ effort. For this homemade Tinkerbell mushroom cake I used fondant for the covering – I bought it already in a ball from Michael’s crafts and hand … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tinkerbell Cakes 4

This was my first character cake. I used the Wilton Tinkerbell pan and the Wilton colors to tint the icing. Instead of icing the entire cake first like the instructions said I outlined the details in black and starred in the appropriate colors. I even starred the sides of the cake instead of icing smooth … Read more