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Coolest Tinkerbell Homemade Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

I was asked to make a cake for some sweet little 2-year old girls. I wanted it cute but also girlish. I know they are only 2, but why can’t we make cute AND fancy? Her mother wanted a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Design and I wanted to make it in a tiered cake for that added touch. So I did both!!

First, I colored gum paste and fondant with the colors I would use in the icing. I rolled and cut out A LOT of flowers and added pearls in the middle of the flowers with piping gel. I baked the cake in 2 9-inch pans, 2 6-inch pans, and mini and regular size cupcakes. After icing the cake, I added flowers where I thought it looked nice. I say it’s like Scrapbooking with food!! I bought a Tinkerbell candle to place on top. I added flowers all around the candle and cake, piped green leaves for the borders, and moved my spreader up and down for the sides of the cake. I wanted a flower feel for the cake, and thought smoothing the buttercream would not be as dramatic.

Don’t forget, as with any tiered cake, to support the tiers with dowels or straws and use cake rounds on the bottom of the different sizes. So this cake only needed 2 cake rounds. Hope this was helpful and hope you enjoy this idea!




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  1. I love the way your cake is design!! :) Beautiful and breath taking!! Going to decorate one for my two year old this month!! Thanks for the idea


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