Cool Rainbow Brite Cartoon Birthday Cake

Coolest Cartoon Birthday Cakes

This is the Rainbow Brite cartoon birthday cake I did for my niece Davonny. In our family we have a tradition that on a child’s first birthday they get their own cake so hers was a Sprite. I searched many cartoon birthday cakes for this cake. I used the actual Rainbow Brite cake pan made … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Pony Cake

Homemade Rainbow Pony Cake

My daughter was having a horse birthday party and I searched all over the web for a white horse rainbow cake but found none. So I am posting my rainbow pony cake for someone who might need an idea. I used the 1986 Wilton Precious pony cake pan and baked 2 cakes using an entire … Read more

Coolest Rainbow Brite Cake

Rainbow Brite Cake

This is a Rainbow Brite cake a family friend made for my birthday when I was little. I have been a Rainbow Brite fan for as long as I can remember!! I wanted it to look as much like the cartoon as possible, so the decorator had to watch a couple minutes of an episode … Read more

Coolest Rainbowbrite Cake

Homemade Rainbowbrite Cake

My daughter grew up with Rainbowbrite and she wanted a Rainbowbrite cake for her 32nd birthday. So I found a photo on line and used wax paper and traced it and I used smooth butter creme on the cake and then I used piping gel with a little black coloring to out line the pictures … Read more

Cool Homemade Rainbow Brite Cake

Homemade Rainbow Brite Cake

This Rainbow Brite Cake is a simple one tier cake covered and decorated in fondant. It was hand made, with completely edible Rainbow Brite figurine. I made it a week in advance in order to dry.