Coolest Rainbow Pony Cake

My daughter was having a horse birthday party and I searched all over the web for a white horse rainbow cake but found none. So I am posting my rainbow pony cake for someone who might need an idea.

I used the 1986 Wilton Precious pony cake pan and baked 2 cakes using an entire box of white two-layer cake mix each in a rainbow colored pattern with food coloring. After they are cooled, one of the layers needs to be leveled on both sides so the top layer will sit evenly when stacked on it. I mixed a batch of butter cream icing with rainbow sprinkles for between the two layers and did a thinned white crumb coat over the whole cake. Refrigerate until cold.

Outlined the pony in tip #2 black icing, pink mouth and filled heart, and piped white stars with tip 16 for the body. I combined pink, purple, blue and yellow icing in the same icing bag with star tip 17 for the rainbow mane and tail and piped in a curling stroke. There was even green in the hair color when the blue and yellow icings mixed a little. Pipe the black eyelashes last. The edges were dots of of cream color icing with candies pressed in the middle. I’d have used a decorative sugar dusting on the cake to give it that extra magical sparkle but I didn’t have any – maybe next time.

Rainbow ball sprinkles around the edges for the finishing touches. We put a #8 candle in the hind quarters for the birthday girl to blow out and she loved it!

Homemade Rainbow Pony Cake

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  1. I looked everywhere too for a white pony cake and couldn’t find what I was looking for until your post! My daughter is 5 and saw the pic of your cake that I was using as a reference and she was so excited. Thank you for posting this. I never would have thought (or known how to do) the rainbow mane and tail. That was the funnest part for me. Thanks again!


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