Coolest Super Why Cake

Homemade Super Why Cake

This cake was for my son’s 3rd Birthday. He was obsessed with Super Why. There was nothing Super Why out yet (still isn’t), but I guess that is what the internet is for. This cake was very simple to make, and didn’t take me long at all to decorate. I just made a store bought … Read more

Coolest Super Why Whyatt Cake

Homemade  Super Why Whyatt Cake

I made this Super Why cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I baked an 11×15 cake- half yellow and half Devils food using one box for each half. The night before I made the cake I made up all my frosting and mixed my colors as I know from the past that this is what … Read more

Coolest Super Why! Cake

Homemade Super Why! Cake

My husband and I made these cakes for our son’s 4th birthday! The first was a Super Why!cake. We used a 10 inch round pan to create this cake. We started with the skin colored frosting and made it as smooth as we could all over the cake. We then used a toothpick to draw … Read more

Coolest SuperWhy! Birthday Cake

Homemade SuperWhy! Birthday Cake

SuperWhy! decorated cakes are not readily available in the grocery store bakeries, so a neighbor asked if I could make her 3 year old a SuperWhy! Birthday Cake. I happily agreed. I got the SuperWhy! images (SuperWhy, The Balloons, and Why Writer) from the PBSKids website. They have a really cool design center page for … Read more