Coolest Superman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 9

For my sons 5th birthday, I wanted an action figures cake but couldn’t find one in which I could make without ‘drawing’ my attempt at a hero on top. His cake ended up being the hit of the party! For the cake we used 3 different sizes of round cake pans and stacked them. I … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake

Homemade Superman Cake

I made this Superman Cake for my son’s 4th birthday party, which was a super hero theme. I used two cake mixes, one vanilla and one chocolate. For the head, I used one round cake pan. The torso was a loaf pan, the arms and legs were mini loaf pans, and the hands and feet … Read more

Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

Homemade Superman Birthday Cake

My grandson Parker wanted a Superman party last year. I started this Superman Birthday Cake with a 16 inch round cake pan for the bottom cake. A 12 inch was used for the middle layer. I used one half of the Wilton soccer ball cake pan for the top layer. Using butter cream icing I … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake Rainbow Style

Homemade Superman Cake Rainbow Style

My wife is a huge Superman fan, so I wanted to make her a Homemade Superman Cake Rainbow Style! I made 7 x 7″ cakes in the rainbow colors and assembled them using butter cream. Then covered this with blue icing and the Superman logo I had made. I also added a couple of Superman … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake

Superman Cake

This Superman cake was a welcome home cake for a soldier returning home from Iraq. I had seen a cake with a city drawn on the side and thought it would be cool to give it a comic book look with the use of color flow. This cake is 100% edible but color flow does … Read more

Cool Homemade Superman Cake

Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

I made this Superman Birthday Cake from scratch. I made a 9 inch and 12 in round pound cake. For the pound cake i used 2 1/3 c. flour, 1 1/2c butter, 1/2 tsp. salt, 2 1/2c. sugar, 7 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 tsp. grated lemon zest. Bake at 350 for 50-55 min. After … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake

Superman Cake

I got my idea for this Superman cake from this wonderful website. It was my “test cake” that I’m pretty proud of. I used a 9×9 round pan and carved out the emblem. Mr.(Duncan) Hines and I go way back and I used the French Vanilla box cake. I made my own buttercream frosting. I … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

This Superman cake was done for my nieces fifth birthday (she loves Superman!). I used a Wilton shaped pan and Wilton Superman food coloring set. I used this same pan for my son’s birthday a couple of years ago and I had a really hard time with the indentations that form the features the center … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I used a 13x19x3″ sheet cake pan I used three cake mixes for that size pan and letting it bake at 340 degrees for one hour and 25 minutes. I decorated it as you can see with colored buttercream frosting. I also added some decorative primary colored candy stars and Superman emblems to add interest. … Read more

Coolest Superman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

I used the Wilton Superman pan and followed the directions that come with it exactly. I purchased pre-made white buttercream icing and black icing in a tube that tips will attach to since black is so hard to tint correctly without giving it a bad taste. I hand tinted the blue, red, yellow and skin … Read more

Coolest Super Dad Cake

Homemade Super Dad Cake

Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated every first Sunday of September. For this year, I made a Super Dad Cake out of a carrot cake with a “super dad” theme for my husband. It’s a carrot cake, covered with fondant with a very simple design and very easy to do and it’s 100% edible!

Coolest Superman Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

My friend Michael loves Superman so naturally for his birthday I had to make him a Superman cake. I first started by finding the logo online and from there I hand drew it onto a piece of paper. Being the perfectionist that I am a ruler and eraser were my best friends. I wanted everything … Read more