Coolest Supergirl And Superman Cake

This Supergirl and Superman cake is a 18×15 2 layer chocolate buttercream cake. I started with the layers and frosted the cake. As far as the logo went I traced that with the black icing and then filled it in.

I rushed the S’s a little seeing how it was already 12:30 in the morning for me. I didn’t want the kids to see their cake while I was making it so I did it after they went to bed. The balloons are just an outer circle then filled in with frosting. It is easier to have more then one icing tip if you are going to work with the same tip design and size, but different colors.

I wanted to do a cake of something that they both liked and so this is how I came up with this cake. I then before I did anything made a picture of what I wanted it to look like first. Then it is easier to do the cake when you see the design right in front of you first. Also make sure when you do this that you have all the proper colors and enough bags to do so.

The Supergirl is done in pink and purple and teal, was going to do white, but it didn’t show too well on the cake seeing how the base color was white. Then the superman is done in your yellow and red with blue accent colors.

The kids fell in love with this cake and I will definitely be making another large cake like this once again sometime. Everyone at the party was surprised that I made this seeing how I have never taken a decorating class .