Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake

Hmemade Toy Story Birthday Cake

This Toy Story cake was one of my first experiences. I’ve never gone to school to learn how to make them. I just got my ideas from watching cake programs and created my own. I used four chocolate cake boxes, I used Mocha for the center of the cakes, as if it were butter cream, … Read more

Coolest Woody Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Woody Birthday Cake Design

This Woody Birthday Cake Design is entirely edible. It took a really long time to make Woody. I whittled solid white chocolate into the shape of Woody’s head then covered it with fondant. I sculpted the body from rice crispy treats then covered it with fondant also. I formed Woody’s sheriff’s badge, belt and gun … Read more

Coolest Woody Cake Idea

Homemade Woody Cake Idea

I made this Woody Cake Idea for a friend’s daughter who loves Toy Story. I made a stencil of Woody, baked a simple sponge cake, and frosted the picture onto the cake using butter icing. It took a while to do all the different colours but was a huge success at the end. All the … Read more

Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake

Homemade Toy Story Birthday Cake

This Toy Story Birthday Cake is a 1/2 sheet cake made with two store-bought cake mixes and iced with buttercream (all the brown icing you see is chocolate buttercream). I found a coloring page on the internet with Woody on it and enlarged it and cut it out. Then I just traced around it with … Read more

Coolest Woody Birthday Cake

Homemade Woody Birthday Cake

This Homemade Woody Birthday Cake was for my son’s 6th birthday. He is a big Toy Story fan. Months before his birthday, he told me he wanted a “Woody” cake. I knew this was going to stretch my cake decorating skills. I found a couple of pictures of Woody that I liked. From the pictures, … Read more

Cool Homemade Wood Cake Ideas

Coolest Cake Frosting Recipes, Cake Photos and How-To Tips

I made this Woody cake for my niece Addie’s 2nd birthday. I made a regular sheet cake, and used rolled fondant. I printed an online picture and used it to cut out the fondant shapes. I used an edible marker for the mouth and details on the eyes. I also included some sparkles to make … Read more