Coolest Woody Birthday Cake Design

This Woody Birthday Cake Design is entirely edible. It took a really long time to make Woody. I whittled solid white chocolate into the shape of Woody’s head then covered it with fondant. I sculpted the body from rice crispy treats then covered it with fondant also. I formed Woody’s sheriff’s badge, belt and gun holster, hands, and boots out of fondant. I also used fondant to form Woody’s facial features with the help of some clay sculpting tools (TIP: Wilton makes the same tools specifically for fondant & gum paste but you can pick up the clay sculpting tools for a third of the price!).

I hand painted the stripes and other fine details with food coloring. I whittled Woody’s hat out of solid chocolate. The bed was solid cake with fondant draped over it to look like a comforter. I used a long skewer to press in the pattern on the comforter and used a piping bag and medium round tip to do the edging. The headboard was solid chocolate I carved with and exacto knife. To make the wood pattern on the headboard I used a clay sculpting tool (you could use a sharp knife) and scratched into the wood in the pattern I wanted. I then took a clean towel and dipped it into dark brown food coloring and rubbed it all over the board then took another damp cloth and wiped it back off…the dye gets down into the cracks and wipes clean off of the chocolate making it look just like wood!

And by the way don’t forget Woody’s pull string on his back – believe me the kids will be looking for it. I piped it on the last minute when my oldest son asked why he didn’t have one…lol…all that work and a four year old points out the one thing you forgot !

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  1. wow this cake is amazing my little brother is turning 7 in November and now i have to find someone that can make this cake too! we live in Colorado! wish you lived here!


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