Coolest Woody Birthday Cake

This Homemade Woody Birthday Cake was for my son’s 6th birthday. He is a big Toy Story fan. Months before his birthday, he told me he wanted a “Woody” cake. I knew this was going to stretch my cake decorating skills. I found a couple of pictures of Woody that I liked. From the pictures, I sketched Woody in the size that I wanted the cake.

I baked two 9×13 cakes and froze them. A frozen cake is easier to cut neatly. I put the two cakes together horizontally. Using my picture as a guide, I used a toothpick and an edible marker to form an outline of Woody. After that, I cut around the outline with a knife. I used a toothpick to mark where I wanted the eyes, nose, mouth, etc to go.

For the flesh-tone, I used white frosting with a couple of drops of yellow and red food coloring. I left space for the eyes and mouth. For the eyes, I actually used three different colors of frosting: white, chocolate, and dark brown (chocolate with black food coloring added). The mouth is white and dark brown frosting. I used a toothpick dipped in chocolate frosting to add the nose.

Woody’s hair is the dark brown frosting. The hat is chocolate frosting with the details added using a toothpick dipped in dark brown frosting.

Woody’s bandana is Betty Crocker Cookie Icing-Red. This icing sets very quickly. I used dark brown frosting to add detail.

My son was so excited when he saw the cake that he completely forgot about everything else. It was worth every bit of the time that it took to make this cake.

Homemade Woody Birthday Cake

Homemade Woody Birthday Cake

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