Easy Tweety Bird 3rd Birthday Cake

Easy Tweety Bird 3rd Birthday Cake

Since my daughter now knows what birthdays are and what cakes are, as she just turned three, she just gave me a list of demand on what pictures she wanted on cakes and how many cakes she wanted, like one for school, one for home party, one for the neighbor, one for grandmother. List was … Read more

Coolest Tweety Halloween Cake

Coolest Tweety Halloween Cake

This Tweety cake is made with two colors purple and pink. I made two different colors to make it pop. So to make that I first  piped pink on the bottom in a straight line then smoothed it off then you do the same with the purple. For the Tweety  I did it by hand … Read more

Coolest Homemade Looney Tune Tweety Cake Ideas

Coolest Looney Tune Tweety Cake Photos and How-To Tips

This Looney Tune Tweety cake is a lot easier then it looks. If you break it down it is just seven individual 6″ cakes frosted with buttercream frosting. I drew a flower on six cakes and star filled the flower with pink frosting. The seventh cake is under the tweety bird’s face so you don’t … Read more

Coolest Looney Tune Tweety Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

A friends daughter loves the Looney Tune Tweety, and wanted a Looney Tune Tweety-themed birthday cake. The hexagonal base is a chocolate cake, iced with vanilla frosting tinted green. The birthday gift and Tweety’s head are both orange-flavored cake (Tweety’s head was baked in an egg-shaped pan; for the birthday gift I just cut two … Read more

Tweety Cake

Tweety Cake

I made this cake for my graduation. It was a 4kg marble cake. I drew Tweety on grease proof paper, then used a toothpick to draw Tweety on the cake.

Cool Homemade Tweety Bird Cake

Tweety Bird Cake

I wanted to do something different so I decided to make this Tweety bird cake for my mom for her birthday. And since she likes Tweety bird it was a perfect fit. I printed off a picture of Tweety bird off the internet, then I drew the same picture on a piece of cardboard, next … Read more

Coolest Tweety Birthday Cake

Homemade Tweety Birthday Cake

My son’s girlfriend is really into Tweety Bird so this is where the idea for this Tweety birthday cake came from. This is a 14″ white cake with almond extract and butter cream frosting. The outer shell is fondant. To give it the marbleized look I took a pink, orange, and white piece of fondant, … Read more

Coolest Tweety Bird Cake

Homemade Tweety Bird Cake

I just started a cake decorating class and this Tweety Bird cake is my 2nd cake. A girl at work found a Tweety coloring page online and printed it, then I poked holes in the outline and gently brushed it on the top of the cake so the back of the paper left marks on … Read more