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Easy Tweety Bird 3rd Birthday Cake

Since my daughter now knows what birthdays are and what cakes are, as she just turned three, she just gave me a list of demand on what pictures she wanted on cakes and how many cakes she wanted, like one for school, one for home party, one for the neighbor, one for grandmother. List was endless. Obviously I had to cut it short. Explained her and we agreed on two. One for school and one for home party. I have never done classes so it was a challenge for me. I wanted to try out frozen butter cream transfer and also fondant which I used for the other cake.

We sat on the computer looking for all tweety bird pictures. She finally liked this one with a rainbow. I was wondering how was I going to do that. I didn’t want to upset her so I just printed it out. She also said she wanted it on a square tin. I only have a 9 inch cake tin.

I learned the method of butter cream transfer from YouTube. Watched many times. I didn’t understand it at first. Then got a little idea. I bought the wax paper, made the icing of all colors and drew it out. Froze it.

When I was making the cake I was to make normal chocolate cake but another idea came to me just then. Making a rainbow cake! My elder daughter came in and we all sat together and  made the cake. Divided the batter into six portions, added colors and poured them into cake tin. It was getting interesting.

Cake was done. I also wanted to try the fudge icing so I made that too and frosted with that. Then time came to put the frozen picture. I did that too and walla! It came out so well! Then I just iced the spaces with grass, flowers, writing and border. It looked perfect and it was really easy!

Made my daughter happy and her class too seeing all the colors inside the cake!



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