Coolest Tweety Bird Cake

I just started a cake decorating class and this Tweety Bird cake is my 2nd cake. A girl at work found a Tweety coloring page online and printed it, then I poked holes in the outline and gently brushed it on the top of the cake so the back of the paper left marks on it to give me an outline to follow.

I just used a #3 tip for the outline, yellow for the outside and black for all the lines in the middle. Then starred the inside with #16 tip. I did a shell border around the bottom of the outside.

Also, the cake was just a plain yellow cake with canned chocolate frosting. I made the buttercream that I decorated with, but I had already taken it all out of the mixer and dumped the beaters in the water in the sink when I realized I needed to thin it out to make it to icing consistency. I just so happened to have a can of chocolate right there….so used it.

The whites in his eyes, well there was a tad left of the blue in my tip and I didn’t realize it until it was too late so I went with it. And then we couldn’t decide on the color of his lips, so white-ish/blue-ish they are.

It was super easy. I can’t wait for cake #3!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Tweety Bird Cake”

  1. I have not had any cake classes however I know how to follow directions pretty well….I’m a little shaky on the poking holes and brushing it on top of the cake….but I’m going to try it for my daughter’s 4th b-day….wish me luck…great cake by the way…..

  2. Thank you Nikki! I hope your cake turned out well! The poking holes/brushing it on is really easy once you figure out just how hard/soft you need to press on the paper.

  3. Hi Meg
    Thank you so much for your wonderful idea! My eldest daughter is 21 next month and has loved Tweety Pie since she was little. I’m going to copy your idea Thank you so much for posting.


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